Most Heart-melting Moment

This Monday’s bi-weekly scan of the twiglets by the MFM (high risk OB) yielded some good news! Baby A (little baby) has caught up a bit to big baby B! They are both currently over 3 lbs.. which I think is pretty darn good for twins at 31 weeks.   More importantly, their size difference is decreasing rather than increasing, which bodes well both for little baby’s overall risk as well as my wish for a vaginal delivery (or at least an attempt at one?)

The other result was a 3D ultrasound pic of big Baby B.  If you can get past the frankenstein thing going on at the top of her head and the fact that it looks like her eye melted off, I think she looks gorgeous – well her nose and lips and little chin anyway!

Baby A is closer to my cervix and is much harder to get pictures of, so this was the only “good one.”

The heart-melting moment came when I showed Jasper the picture of his sister at dinner and pointed out where her lips and nose were.

His response was to grab the picture from my hand and kiss her right on the lips.


I didn’t think I’d experience that “seeing my kids together loving each other” moment of love and pride until the girls actually arrived. But thanks to the miracle of modern technology, I’ve already had a taste and can’t wait for more…

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Jess says:

Are you announcing the Girl’s names or waiting until they are born? :)

ariana says:

Hi Jess!! I think I will wait until they are born. Not sure exactly why, it just feels right. Also we haven’t picked their middle names yet!

That is SO sweet and that 3D ultrasound image is absolutely AMAZING!

You get the sweet family moment, the incredible image of your daughter, the great news that Baby A is growing fast enough to catch up to Baby B AND the estimate that both babies are over 3 pounds all in one day?!? Lucky mama :)

jbhat says:

She IS a beauty! I’m sure they both are, the little butterballs! Wonderful news. And yes, Jasper is going to be an AMAZING brother. You’re going to love the age difference between him and your girls, and they are going to idolize him to no end.


pamela frankel says:

so sweet! beautiful!

Camila says:

This is so heart warming Ariana!!! Jasper will be a great big brother !!
She’s beautiful!!

Suzette says:

Such great news! Thanks for sharing :)

Kimberly says:

She’s beautiful, as expected. ;) Love that… when siblings are sweet together, they’re REALLY sweet!

Nina says:

Awww!! How cute is Jasper!! You baby girl looks super sweet. :)

Shayna says:

That is so incredibly sweet!

ariana says:

Thanks Susan!! :)

Susan says:

Oh gosh, so sweet! So excited for you and Jeff and Jasper!