Photographer’s Wall Display Guides App Coming Soon!

This is what I’ve been working on the last few months, and the reason this poor blog has been so neglected!  Right now it’s scheduled for a September release… any bets who will come into the world first, the twins or the App?
It’s a race against the clock for sure! :)


Photographer friends, I’d LOVE your help spreading the word, you can even win some AMAZING prizes for doing so (including an iPad!!!) so please go checkout my prelaunch webpage!



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Wall Display Templates for Photographers

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Rebecca M says:

Just curious what is the difference between this and preveal? Love the concept of this by the way. Now I just need to get an ipad!

ariana says:

Hi Rebecca, there are so many differences.. first of all, S&S will have stock backgrounds included. You don’t need a piece of paper to calibrate the room.. single images are NOT done as templates, you can resize them almost unlimited. You can frame things, combine single images with groupings, flip images horizontal, rotate them, make them landscape or portrait. It’s really fully featured :)

jbhat says:

Exciting! You’re brewing many projects these days. : )


GiGi says:

That is so wonderful for you, Ariana! Hope it’s a HUGE success!

Kelly R says:

AHH! I am soooo excited to get this! Can’t wait!!! :D