Mr. Pouty Pants

He’s a champion pouter – as if you couldn’t tell by this picture.  I mean LOOK at that puss!  I took this, Monday’s image of Jeff and this one of Jasper with my 85 1.8:

(again with a puss??)

The white balance is terribly too cool on this one, but I wanted to show the lovely sharpness of the 85.

Truth is I often completely neglect this lens because of my love affair with the 70-200 II. But it IS awfully nice to bring say to the park in favor of the 70-200 beast and still be able to achieve a nice amount of bokeh and compression.

I’m almost sad that I’ve recently rediscovered this lens because originally I had thought I might sell it to fund a 35 1.4 which I really need in my arsenal with the twins coming – the 50 just isn’t wide enough for pictures in the nursery for example. And while I have the 24-70 2.8  it’s my least favorite lens so I am loathe to ever use it, particularly indoors where it’s rarely fast enough.

In other news I am pretty much DONE taking on clients – for the whole year!  Which kinda really sucks, if only because not only do I want that 35 1.4 but I’d love to be able to justify an upgrade to the mark III.  But with no photography income on the horizon, it’s hard to justify the expense. I honestly wonder when I’ll feel up to/ready to actually do a client session again after the twins arrive…3 moths? 6 months? How will Jeff deal/handle 3 while I’m out shooting clients? It really almost doesn’t seem worth it, but I know my creative juices will be parched and I’ll be in desperate need of doing SOMETHING creative rather than just procreative.

It’s kind of hard to see the business I’ve built up kind of dwindle and go through an extended dry spell, but I know my focus will be needed elsewhere – which is a vast understatement. I just wonder for how long?


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Shayna says:

So do I :) But I am still looking forward to meeting you at the Keri Meyers workshop! Let me know if you can use any help!

annelaney says:

perhaps how much are you selling it for? are you still using the tamron too?

ariana says:

Shayna, I know, I’m so, so sorry – I hope I will get the chance someday!

Kate, he only gets in there so he can eat messy things and watch TV at the same time. When we eat real meals at the table he’s in a booster seat which he’s not too fond of really.

Anne Marie definitely going to sell it. Interested? :)

annelaney says:

you do what is best for you! it’s going to be a ride no doubt but you will look back and be happy you did what made you happy!. are you planning to ever sell the 24-70L lens? now that the second one is coming out?

Samm says:

I know the feeling. I NEED to get back to doing something creative again so so badly. My baby is already 1 and I just can’t seem to find the time between the two kids, a job and all the other daily necessities. Maybe when I retire!

kate says:

Ariana, I’m somewhat impressed that you are able to get Jasper into that highchair! My son is 2 and he’s been refusing the highchair for the past 6 months. He’s quite tall, so he can sit at the big people table pretty easily. Still, Jasper looks about ready ;-)

Alana says:

You will get it done and balanced!! Jeff will be able to handle the three of them and I know Jasper will be a great help! You’ll need some ‘me’ time anyway!

Shayna says:

Btw have you ever thought about doing workshops?

Shayna says:

I am so sad I really wanted to book an appointment with you, I think your work is amazing!!! But being that I am a fellow photographer and I know how hard it is to balance work and life, no less twins, Good for you! You totally deserve the much needed break!

Nina says:

Hi there,
I followed you since the early knot days. If you are interested, would you be able to do an album with my photos? I have been postponing making one since the birth of my dd 4 years ago and now, with another one on the way, I think I will never do it.
I am not a professional so my pics are below average, I need some cropping, minor edits and to ORGANIZE them. If you feel up to the job, would you be able to tell me how much would you charge. Again, I am not looking for anything crazy so I am not willing to spend a lot.

jbhat says:

Haha, I spotted a pun: your “focus” will be needed elswehere. Indeed!

You’ll work it out, I know you will.