Jasper’s Big Boy Room – Some Progress

Everyone who has come to our new house has remarked on how “set up” it is already, like we’ve been living here for ages.  “That’s because you haven’t seen the upstairs yet!” I tell them. For example, until about 2 weeks ago, Jasper’s bedroom was still pink!

This is what it looked like before (this is the prior owner’s furniture:)

It’s a lovely pink, I totally would have left it if Jasper weren’t, well – a boy.

In many conversations with Jasper about what he wanted his room to look like he always said he wanted a “rocket ship” room.  I knew I wanted one chalkboard wall and we also took inspiration for the first toy I ever bought Jasper when I was only about 8 weeks pregnant with him- a little orange Alien. Well, two actually, one was the one I wanted, the other was the “newborn proof” one that the person who made the doll gave me as a free bonus!

So that’s where the orange comes in. I chose colors from my Benjamin Moore color book and had them matched at Lowes with their Olympic no VOC paint.

Here are the afters!

(Jeff forgot the spot under the desk LOL!)

Above is the spot where his bed will go.  I had hoped the wall color would come out a bit darker and a bit greyer, but as is always my experience with greys, they are never really quite grey.  Oh well, I still like it. Jeff is going to paint a rocket/space mural above the bed…when we get one.

Speaking of which, I’m having such a hard time deciding on what to get.

First of all, a twin or a full? A twin would obviously take less room space, but a full would be nice for when one of us lays down with him, or he has a friend sleep over and also because he FLOPS LIKE  A FISH in his sleep and I feel like he needs the room.

We could also get him a twin size bed with a trundle underneath from Pottery barn.. I’m having such a hard time with this decision for some reason!

Also, I cant figure out which color.  White makes sense with the white room trim and the whitish dresser, but it also doesn’t pop off the wall at all and I really love how darker wood looks so crisp with a white comforter color.

I’m drawn to the Pottery barn Navy, but it’s sold out in the twin size bed that I like (and not coming back) and selling out fast in the full size so I have to decide fast!

Here are the options, I’d love your opinions!

a) Pottery Barn “Chestnut”

b) Pottery Barn “Espresso”

c) Pottery Barn “Navy”

d) Ikea Hemmnes in White (would have to get maybe navy comforter??)

e) Ikea Hemnes Black

Please help! If any of you have been following that long, you know that we designed Becoming Home mostly by public consensus.. I don’t know how to do it any other way ;)

Have a GREAT mother’s day weekend everybody – hope you all get pampered in the style you all deserve!

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molly says:

How cool is that chalkboard wall! Landon wanted a “space” room too. So that’s what I did.

Here’s a link. It’s not as good as yours I don’t think but we love it.


p.s. we went with the full bed.

Sarah says:

Oh, I just HAD to comment on how much I absolutely LOVE what you’ve done with this room. Finn is SO into space, and orange is his favorite color. Is it wrong to steal a few ideas from you? Nice work!

Kimberly says:

Super cute… I like the navy too… good pick.
Orange and gray totally makes me think of Ava & Shane! ;-)

kate says:

I love the colours!
To be honest, I’ve never been impressed with the quality of pottery barn wooden furniture. They are mostly veneers and the styles tend to be a bit old fashioned.
I’ve been admiring this bed for my son for a while now but can’t justify the price of shipping to the middle of nowhere.
I love land of nod beds.
This one comes with the option of a trundle but I’m told pulling trundles in and out becomes too much of a hassle and they usually STAY in or out.
I would think a full or queen size bed, not too kid-like, would be something he could grow into. I loved having a double bed as a kid. If you have the room for it, I think it’s a more economical choice in the end.

Helen Smith says:

Another vote for the Navy…but I would go for twin size…personal preference, I never cared for the kids & friends to hang on the beds in day clothes after a hard day of playing/school. I like a fresh bed when I go to lay down :) More floor space is always better with kids & with sleepovers mine always wound up on the floor “campiong out” Whatever choice you make Jasper will love his room!

Sara says:

What an awesome room! I think your instincts are absolutely right on about the Navy full bed – it would be perfect!

Lisa says:

What a great room! I prefer the dark chestnut wood bed. Since it looks like you have the room, you may as well go for the full size!

Erin B says:

I like the white bed because all the other furniture is white…. Although, for little kids…. Have you considered a bed that has a trundle option? He is going to want to have sleep overs in a couple of years.

Cathy Mahoney says:

I like the white or the navy! Even the black is great. The other colours I think would be too much! Please post some pics of the rest of the house what i have seen so far looks gorgeous!

Lauren says:

What a timely post. I’ve mentioned our similarities in the past… so I won’t go into that again.. but my 3.5 year old son is finally transitioning to a big boy room. We just put the mattress on the floor for the moment… and will probably just build some sort of platform for it (I even saw a cool one made of pallets on Pinterest!). He and his 1 year old brother love rolling around on the mattress.. and I don’t have to worry about them falling off! We are going to buy a twin (no room for bigger even if we wanted).. but for now he is sleeping on a crib mattress still. In any case, my son originally wanted a guitar themed room.. so I got him this cool comforter cover from Land of Nod that is Blue/Orange/and white. Of course, now he has changed his mind and wants rockets and planets. Guess we’re going to have an eclectic room. ; ) My friend actually paints murals and has agreed to paint something on the wall above his bed.. just not sure what yet. The walls are a deep gray and we have white furniture. I think I favor the white bed for Jasper’s room as well. Can’t wait to see the mural you guys put on the wall.. I’m still not sure what to get my friend to do. I’ll be watching.. I’m sure it will be fabulous! : )

Mama Smith says:

Those chalk drawings are amazing! Lucky boy. Most people seem to be saying navy but I’m going to go against the grain and vote for white or maybe black. With the chalk wall, white trim, pale blue/ gray walls, and orange, it feels like both the navy or dark wood might be one too many tones for a big piece of furniture. Once you have the mural over the bed that wall will feel more grounded and you won’t need the bed to pop as much. Just my two cents- all of the options would be great!

Gretchen says:

I like what you’ve done so far! I love the navy as well. Could you get the IKEA bed and paint it?

Jenny says:

I vote for navy or black.

Samm says:

Lovely room! The chalkboard wall looks awesome. Have you seen the white, children’s trundle bed at Plummer’s? It would look great in this room, I think. Mia has it and I love it. Affordable, modern design. Not sure if you have Plummer’s stores in Chicago….


Angela says:

First time commenter here :) I have two little boys so I thought I’d chime in. First, I’d go for the navy full sized bed. My older son has a dark stained twin with a trundle (not PB but very similar). The thing with the trundle is, as convenient as the extra sleeping space is, you have to make sure the bedroom is big enough for you to pull it out! The shape of my son’s room is a huge pain for furniture placement to begin with and we have to slide stuff all over the place to use the trundle. For my younger son, I painted his furniture black and it looks AWESOME. I was waffling between navy and black & went with black, but I don’t think you can go wrong either way. His wall color is something I mixed up myself with leftover paint we had so I can’t give you the exact color, but it is a really nice soft blue gray – more blue than gray but soft without being babyish. The black bed really pops off of it – the navy would have been great too.

The other thing I wanted to mention – my 6 year old is obsessed with space and maps so he has a rocketship/map room. I got him two prints from an artist on Zazzle – check them out!!!


My son picked the Neptune and Saturn prints. They are so unique and not too little-boy like. I think they will grow with him really wall. I also put a big world map on his wall and am currently on the lookout for more globes to decorate with…his room as been so fun to do! I love the chalkboard wall you guys did for Jasper.

Sorry for the novel, lol :) Can’t wait to see how Jasper’s room looks when it’s all done – and then the nursery for the babies!

Ava says:

Since the rest of the furniture is white, I’d go with white. And if it’s IKEA, draw some renderings over it too, or vinyl if you’re too chicken :)

PS. Nice color choices! I approve ;p Orange & Gray have been following us around too: Shane’s skydiving rig; our wedding theme colors; G’s room…

Steph Connor says:

I vote either navy or the PB chestnut. If you get the chestnit, you will have a timeless piece that will transition with him and then even for a guest room when he is much older and out on his own — I know that seems eons away, but I like to pick timeless furniture and then accent with colorful details :)

Jaymi says:

I love your colors! The room looks great as does the orange behind the built-ins!

For the bed, I like the navy and white beds best. White because it matches the dresser and would look great with a navy comforter and some orange pillows maybe. And Navy because its really a statement piece and pops against the walls!

Mlwindc says:

The navy really pops, I love it! Any where else you can get a navy bed in twin? You won’t regret the full, though, I think we are going to get a full for our three year old soon!

annelaney says:

SO funny you picked this theme and colors.. this is exactly what we planned for ashton’s room. he wanted rocket ships too. must be a 3year old boy thing! haha. i loooove your house you already know that.. this is so beautiful. we haven’t done ONE thing to ashton’s room yet! poor kid! and i would pick the white but i love white lol. darker color i think jasper would like as he gets older so if i had to pick i would pick the navy!

CJ says:

Get the Navy!! Absolutely!!

Claudia says:

I could have sworn I left a comment, but it’s not showing up. So sorry if this comes up twice.
I like the white! I know this wasn’t one of your options, but I think black would look cool too since you have that one black/chalkboard wall.

StephanieMarie says:

I love your style. I wish my house had cool built ins. I would say get the Navy Full. It looks like the room could def handle the size of the bed. Also a fish flop sleeper myself as a kid i would fall out of twin beds all the time until my parents traded up for a full. Super convenient as Jasper gets older and friends want to spend the night.

Kristen says:

Full size navy!!

Claudia says:

I like the white cause I’m all about being matchy matchy. Or perhaps a black bed? http://www.furnituredepot.com/contemporary-black-finish-kids-twin-bed-wtrundle-p-10906.html
I think it would look cool since you have a black/chalkboard wall.

Sarah says:

Love the room so far! And my vote is for the navy bed, but I am completely biased.

I’ve loved reading your blog but it is so eerie sometimes how parallel your experiences are to mine! I also have a little boy named Jasper (honestly, that’s why I started following your blog) and we are in the middle of working on his big boy room, too! And it’s a rocketship/airplane/dinosaur room (by request) and we’re following a general blue/white/orange color scheme! We went with the IKEA Kura bed because it can start out as a regular, low-to-the-ground twin but can then be flipped over and become a loft/bunk bed for when he’s older. I painted it glossy white but left the panels blue. Also, just ordered this quilt for him, how cute is this? http://www.landofnod.com/kids-boy-bedding/kids-bedding/all-solar-systems-go-bedding/f3992

Good luck!

Maegan says:

Navy full! Color looks great with the room, and I like that it’s not ordinary, and I’m sure little sisters (and mom and dad) are going to want to snuggle. His room looks awesome!!

Love it! I actually love the Pottery Barn in Chestnut in full size. We have that for Gavin’s room (in a twin though, will eventually buy a trundle) and it looks really nice. The scallops are kind of girly and would agree to remove them. Always go with your first instinct though so if it was the navy, get the full size. I just love your house by the way :).

sbsnyder says:

Definitely full sized navy blue :) I am by no means a designer, but that is definitely my favorite!

ariana says:

JB, I totally forgot to mention that yes- we are going to do something about those girly scallops! Maybe put a straight piece of molding over them, or hide them with flags or something.

And yes, you should join FB ;)

White or Navy for the bed. I’m leaning towards Navy as my favorite.

jbhat says:

The room looks fantastic thus far. I love the chalkboard wall and Jeff’s renderings. Jasper’s too! For the bed debate, I vote for the Pottery Barn navy in the full size (for lots of good reasons). I also vote for removing or disguising the scallops near the top of the woodwork on those awesome built-ins. Scallops are pretty, and to me don’t seem boyish.

Your house is my dream house. It really is!!