Vintage Processing with Camera Bag 2

Saturday Jeff had to do a lot of yardwork.  Because my allergies are out of control this year I normally would have stayed inside, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of trying to get an image of Jasper blowing a dandelion.

This is the first year he has enough lung power and breath control and he was SO excited! In fact, he blew away all 12 or so we had in the front yard and then got really pouty when they were all gone.

I had a lot of fun editing these trying out a new program called “Camera Bag 2“.  If you love instagram and vintage camera effects like I do, you have to try it out.  There’s a 30 day free trial and it’s only $29 after that if you fall in love with it like I did!

There are so many vintage effects and even frame borders. But the best part is that you can preview and mix and match all the different effects so the possibilities are endless!

Here’s another treatment I did:

Above is the soft black and white mixed with the Helga and the white paper border.

I also really love “poolside” for color photos:


I wouldn’t use these on a whole client session images necessarily, but for getting a vintage treatment on one particular shot  it’s PERFECT!

Oh, and while you are at their site you might want to enter for their 5D Mark III giveaway. All you need to do to enter is edit a photo with camera Bag 2 and post it somewhere.   Sweet!



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ariana says:

Kristen, no I did that in Photoshop, it’s just an animated “how to create an animated gif in cs5” or whatever version of PS you have! :)

Kristen says:


You didn’t do the video/two picture effect on Camera Bag 2 also, right? Do you mind sharing how you did that?

I brought Jackson along tonight to try to make my almost one year old happy (he can make him laugh the hardest) for his birthday pictures, and we ended up finding a few dandelions and have two of the exact pictures like Jasper blowing! I was shocked at that surprise happening! (Too bad they are better than the one year pics I was aiming for :) ).

Too bad he then got a blister in his cute picture Vans and then whined like only a three year old can. :) LOVE Jasper’s tie!