Passover-ster (or is it Eastover?)

Friday night we had a very nice, short and sweet ceder at my mom’s house. Just the three of us, my parents, my Aunt who was visiting from Scotland and my Grandmother.

Unfortunately I left my “real” camera at home, but that didn’t stop our special guest photographer (Jasper) from commandeering mommy’s iPhone to document the occasion!

Before I get to Jasper’s pictures, I have to post one of him in his cute little Yarmulke.. he apparently liked the word yarmulke alot because at one point during the evening he got up from the table to jump around shouting “Yarmulke, Yarmulke, Yarmulke!”


Now, onto Jasper’s photographic interpretation of the evening..




Jeff & I from a very unflattering angle…


The chandelier


My grandmother and Aunt.


Not sure why I was covering my face??


Auntie Diane and some wine


An  extreme close-up of my eye (he discovered the zoom function)


A very nice still life.


And a selfie to finish up.

Personally, I think he’s got a documentarians eye.. I hope he keeps it up will someday share my love of photography!

Saturday morning Jeff & Jasper worked a bit in our garden, which Jasper likes to call a “farm”.



How cute are my “farmer” boys?

Sunday morning (Easter) Jasper woke up to find this:


And proceeded to have a little egg hunt around the house.  Jasper is DEFINITELY a big fan of Easter now, being that chocolate and candy play a pretty prominent role in it’s celebration!





Thankfully the Easter bunny also left some candyless gifts such as the dinosaur stickers above.

Speaking of stickers, Jasper’s new thing is to put stickers on my belly for the babies:


In fact, if he continues to treat them with as much love and attention when they arrive as he does now, he will be the world’s BEST big brother! He’s always hugging, kissing and talking to my belly. The other morning he woke up, sat straight up in bed and said “Hi cute little babies!”  It’s pretty darn cute.

Lastly, speaking of the babies, I felt them MOVE for the first time yesterday!

I had been snacking on Jelly Beans and M&Ms which must have sent them into a sugar-induced frenzy of activity because I very clearly felt that unmistakeable snake like push and slither away feeling from the inside AND outside when I put my hand on my belly. Jeff’s cousin Janine felt it too and Jasper later as well!

I’m not surprised because they are super active on the ultrasounds – just like their big brother. Never sitting still.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend whatever you celebrate!

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kate says:

when do we get to see the ultrasounds???

GiGi says:

Jasper is just too sweet for words! Love the sticker on the belly!

jbhat says:

Babies! So nice to see them. I am so freaking happy for you!! Jasper is going to be a WONDERFUL brother.


ariana says:

Ha ha, yes, definitely some wide-angle distortion going on :)

I’m huge – I will have Jeff take some pics this week (from the side for full effect!)

Ava says:

Aw! Love this post! The baby belly is of course awesome to see: this is it’s first formal appearance, yes?

BTW, Jaspers framing on a lot of those shots is pretty darn impressive.

I gotta ask though: is that some crazy phone-camera lens distortion or are those glasses and bottles of wine really THAT huge? (I think Aunt Diane could wear that glass as a hat ;p)