Maybe a BIG day…

Today we have our NT scan, that first trimester scan where they measure the nuchal fold and tell you what your baby’s risk for downs is etc. But things have really changed in newborn screening since I was pregnant with Jasper – now they are offering this blood test called “MaterniT21” that checks the mother’s blood for excess copies of certain genes sloughed off by the babies. Supposedly it’s 90+ percent accurate at detecting Trisomy 21, 18 and 13.

This week my OB called to tell me that the results came back normal which is a HUGE relief. So now, combined with the NT scan I’m pretty confident in our decision NOT to do any invasive testing.

So today’s scan will be exciting, but mostly because my Perinatologist is very confident in his ability to detect the gender of the babies! Provided of course that the twiglets cooperate. Apparently his super duper advanced ultrasound gives quite a jump on the usual detection time (closer to 18 weeks, I am only just approaching 13!)

In fact, my first visit with him at not even quite 11 weeks he thought he might even be able to tell then! But as it turned out they were just a little too small. Still amazing to see them though on such an advanced US device, they were already looking completely like babies in there, toes, fingers, profile – it was quite detailed. We got a video of the US on DVD when we left that he’ll add to at today’s scan.

I’ll post back after – hopefully with some big news!! :)

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GiGi says:

CONGRATS Ariana! I hope good news continues to flow in!

Nanette says:

Congrats on the (tentative) sex results! Very exciting!

And I’m glad you mentioned that new test. The next time I get knocked up, I’ll be considered “advanced maternal age,” (blerg) so I’ll have to think about screenings like that. That one sounds ideal!

Joanna says:

That is SO awesome. Congrats on your girls!!!!

Stephanie says:

Two girls! Hooray!

Mama Smith says:

Congratulations! Two girls- how amazing! I love being a mom to an incredible boy but girls do seem like a lot of fun. So exciting.

Fiona M says:

I have twin boys that are almost three. It is one amazing adventure. Good luck.

Nina says:

You can’t tell someone something like that and not expect them to say something!! I guess if you want to buy matching outfits and he happened to be wrong, you would have just have back ups. :)

Congrats to you, Jeff and Jasper on your two baby girls! They will have a great big brother to protect them!

ariana says:

@Valerie what an interesting job! It IS an amazing test -I still can’t believe how things have changed in just 4 years.. thankful though that these new less invasive options are becoming available and JUST in the nick of time for us, I think the MaterniT21 has only been available since this past January!

ariana says:

OK, so I guess I overestimated his confidence because he said “Don’t tell anyone yet (yeah RIGHT!) but I’m pretty sure it’s two girls.”

I have to say I was really expecting them to be boy/girl not only because the odds are highest of boy/girl but also just because it felt right. Or maybe less foreign? I’m just SO used to being a boy mom that TWO girls seems frighteningly unfamiliar, but I suppose we’ll get used to it rather quickly! I hope they are tom boys because we have a LOT of trucks/trains/cars for them to play with :)

ivy says:

They were able to tell us at 13 weeks!! So exciting! Can’t wait to find out who is in there :)

Valerie says:

Congratulations on the test results! That’s great! I am a cytogeneticist who routinely analyzes amniocentysis tests and I had never heard of this test. I looked into it and have to day that is the most amazing test I have ever seen!! It make total sense and seems really fantastic.

Nina says:

Good luck can’t wait to hear the news!! So glad to hear about you results being normal. I will start the baby gender guessing, Baby A (First one) – Boy and Baby B (surprise baby) – Girl :)))