I’m a Big Kid Now

Yesterday Jasper shocked me when he put his PJs on all by himself. Not even easy ones, the tight thermal kind that are kind of hard to wriggle into. He got the tags the right way round and everything!

Then this morning, he put on his T-shirt, pants (snapped them too!) and when we went downstairs he put on his shoes (on the right feet!) and then got into the car and slipped his arms into his straps.

Emotionally it’s bittersweet seeing him so independent – like the last vestiges of his babyhood have completely slipped away. But the practical side of me is thrilled at this new development – with the twins coming, this new found independence will be quite handy in another 6 months!

In other news I got a call from my new OB this morning to give me the results of the blood-tests they drew when I was there on Tuesday.  Apparently my immunity to Measles and Mumps has worn off, which is a little frightening being that there was a measles outbreak only a few towns over last year.

But what was really shocking to me was that the DOCTOR HIMSELF called to give the results!!!   I don’t recall having had a doctor call to give results himself in.. well, EVER.  I think this one is a keeper.  If the other three OBs in the practice are half as good and I’ll be thrilled!

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jbhat says:

The timing of these new little ones is so good. You are going to have a very good age gap between them and their big brother. Jasper is going to become more and more self-sufficient, but he is also still always going to be your baby. He’ll just need you in new and different ways.


Nina says:

haha… that gives me hope!

ariana says:

Of course he remembers you Auntie Diane! We told him a few days ago that you were coming and he got really excited! :)

ariana says:

Nina, no – we hadn’t! I would say daycare has, but it’s not like he gets dressed and undressed there, so I think he just figured it out!

Auntie D says:

Such a big boy! Can’t wait to see him. Do you think he remembers me?

Nina says:

Scary about the Measles and Mumps! That’s awesome about Jasper getting his clothes on. Were you guys working with him on it or did he just start doing it himself?