We MOVED! (Sort of)

Well, the move is “finished,” quotation marks because a good deal of our stuff is still at the old house due to a NIGHTMARE experience with the moving company where we basically told them to leave after a few hours (they were that bad.)

The new house is amazing, though I was up most of the night from panic attacks about the fact that I’m leaving for Vegas tomorrow and everything is still so disorganized.  I have NO idea how I’m supposed to pack when I don’t know where anything is. It took me two hours this morning to get ready for the day because every single thing needed to be located (towels, hairdryer, clothes for me, clothes for Jasper, plates & utensils for breakfast etc etc.

Somehow I have to move my computer (LIFELINE!!!) so that when the Fios person comes tomorrow I can make sure I’m back online before I leave, otherwise I can’t access my computer remotely. The only problem is that we haven’t yet really decided where my office will be. We just haven’t figured out all that kind of stuff yet, it’s going to take a little while to sort of feel out how we best “fit” into the space!

Last night we lit our first fire in the fireplace, and this morning we enjoyed our beautiful view of the Hudson river while we sipped coffee in our mostly empty living room (we need TONS more furniture!) so that’s a great start!

In fact the list of what we need is a bit overwhelming.. have I said yet that I can’t believe I’m leaving??? Sigh.

At least Jasper seems to be LOVING the house, though it’s so big we keep “losing” him in it!

Here are the pictures from the real estate listing (i.e they have the sellers furniture etc)

I don’t think I will manage to be able to blog again until a week from today – at which point I hope to have great news about baby #2 and lots to fill you in on about WPPI!

I will probably be instagramming a lot (is that word?) from the conference so if you have any interest in following, my screenname is arianaf.

Have a great week everyone!!

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Christina E says:

That is gorgeous, Ariana. Truly amazing. I love every detail of it and the back of it is amazing. I am so happy for you :)

Bethany A says:

Your house is SO beautiful! I love how although it is big…it still has so much charm and character. Good luck with it…and Enjoy it!

Jane says:

Wow, that house is gorgeous! I love the bathrooms- even they have so much character, like the whole house! I wish you the best there- and same with baby #2! Praying for you during your move/pregnancy!

CJ says:

OMG!!! That house is a dream!! Am I am usually all for NEW construction here in Texas!!

I love the older East Coast style homes! Everything is SOO GREEN and beautiful!! Does it get hot enought there to swim though? I’m used to swimming in 101 degrees!!! I wish I knew you so I could come visit with my twin 3 year old boys! Your photography is to DIE for and I wish I just had a good camera! I’ve been reading since before Jasper was born, but don’t comment as much as I used to. Congrats on your new baby!!

Fiona says:

What a beautiful house, Ariana……breathtaking! I hope you have a wonderful life living there and all your dreams come true!

FIona xxx

robin says:

your new house is nothing short of AHHHHHHHHHH-MAZING. gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous! congrats on your dream home & baby #2!!!

Melanie says:

this house is beyond beautiful!! its absolutely gorgeous!! wish you all the best in this wonderful new surrounding!!

Jen says:

My gosh, your house is beautiful – and huge! It’s so completely charming. I can already picture your family growing older there. It looks like a “forever house”. I’m so very happy for you. Can’t wait to hear your good news about baby #2. Have fun at your conference.

vikki says:

What amazing light your new house has! The balcony sets the perfect spot for weekend brunches. It is gorgeous, wish I was moving there! Have fun at WPPI Ariana!

Nanette says:

Can I move in?! Or at least clone it and rebuild it here in Portland? It’s perfect!

Farah says:

Ariana, your new home is GORGEOUS. Wishing you every happiness as you celebrate your pregnancy and your beautiful new home. Congratulations!!!

Karen H says:

WOW! That is a beautiful house! CONGRATS!

Mama Smith says:

Wow- you have to be kidding! That house is beautiful and huge and I am now officially jealous :) Congrats- very exciting and can’t wait to see how you guys personalize it.

jbhat says:

Ariana, Jeff, Jasper and #2–your new house is amazing! OMG. I’m dying over the photos and can’t wait to hear more about it as it Becomes Home. It’s such a housey-house–so classic in every way. And the property and the view? Incredible. I hope it becomes a very happy home for all of you.


Carolyn says:

Shut up! That’s your new house? Um, can I move in with you? Pretty please! It’s gorgeous!
Best of luck on your trip and I’ll be waiting to hear good news when you get back :)

Tira J says:

Are you kidding me? I am in LOVE!!!! Such a beautiful home and location! Wow! See you in Vegas! Hope we get to meet in person. xoxo

Belle says:

That is an amazing house! I wish you and your family many many years of happiness in your new home!

Samm says:

Stunning house. A perfect spot to be creative and raise your sweet family. Can’t ask for more! Congrats.

Oh my goodness, what an unbelievably gorgeous house. I have to admit I’m a bit jealous. But mostly I’m happy for you, looks like it’s the perfect space for your growing family.

Angelina says:

I am a longtime reader, but haven’t really commented (sorry for that). Anyway I am so excited for you as you enter into your second pregnancy and your new home. I love the house!! It has so much charm and character (and light!!)

jamie says:

Oh my gosh that house is GORGEOUS!!!!!

Alana says:

You had me at Claw Foot Tub!! AMAZING!

Stephanie says:

Lovely! What a fantastic yard!

Nina says:

The house is amazing! Can’t wait to see you get it all decorated. Have a safe flight! :)

Danielle says:

Wow! What a beautiful retreat. Those views, that bathroom, the bedroom with the platform for the bed, those views! What an amazing place to call home. Enjoy!

That is the most beautifulest house ever! Love all the charm! How fun to get to decorate that piece of goodness!

Lourdes says:

Wow, it’s spectacular – Mazel Tov!

Heather says:

What?!! That house is amazing! It’s a good thing we live near by, and I have a son who is just a little bit older than Jasper, so we can come over and play! And, yes, we’ll be joining your pool club this summer! Glad all these great things are happening for you!

Amazing house! Can’t wait to see how you decorate it – I started reading your blog years ago when you bought the old house! Have a good trip!

molly says:

Holy crap, it is heavenly! You are a very lucky family, indeed. I love the outside so so much.

Claudia says:

Amazing! It’s my first look at it and as I looked at the slide show I kept oohing and aahing and saying things like, it has a pool too?…and a view? OK, what doesn’t this house have? It’s gorgeous and super cute. I love it! Congratulations!

ariana says:

@Jamie, I have a studio that’s about a 5 minute drive over a mountain and through the woods – so all I need is a space to edit and prepare client orders etc!

@Jill, it is our dream house definitely! That’s the reason we put up with all the hell we went through with our bank and are taking a loss every month renting our old house..and oh yeah, paying ASTRONOMICAL taxes :)

@Chantal lots of room for visitors!!!

Chantal says:

OMG!!!! Fa-reek-en LOVE IT!!!! This is absolutely stunning! You must be so excited… try not to worry too much, the house isn’t going anywhere and you have lots of time to furnish it. Have fun at WPPI and oh, did I mention that I love your house? I may have to finally come visit you this year. :)

OH MY GOSH! That house is a DREAM! Are you kidding me? I think I have to hate you now ;P

Amy Cyphers says:

Beautiful! I love your new home! Congrats.

Jamie says:

Beautiful! Where is the studio? How very exciting for you all relax, it will all work out and later seem like no big deal.