SIMPLE Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Setup

First of all – I want to thank all of you who gave me advice on the daycare drop-off situation! It kind of went the same way today, but the more I think about it the more I realize that this is some sort of mommy-attachment phase he’s going through.  He threw a fit the other day when he had to go in Jeff’s car vs. with me for example. And it makes sense because after our embryo transfer I avoided picking him up and he knows that he has to be careful with mommy and that the shots hurt her sometimes etc, so he probably is just responding to something “changing” with me.   At any rate, it helps even just to hear that others have been through the same thing and come out the other side OK!

But today’s topic is a really simple Valentine’s day photoshoot setup that anyone can do!  Some of you recall that last year I did a rather elaborate cookie baking theme that required many more props. This year, being that I was in the middle of the IVF cycle I didn’t have time for anything quite so complicated, but I LOVE valentine’s day so I had to do something..

I got the idea for this year’s set up from the twine and clothespins that we used to hang our Christmas cards above the mantle this year:

sorry for the crappy iPhone pic!

I wanted to a “heart garland” that would use hearts cut out of pretty paper and attached to the twine with clothespins, the same way the cards are above.

This is seriously SO easy that it seems silly to post a how-to but here goes!

What you will need:

Twine (not too thick)

Clothespins (regular size, the mini ones are too small to clip to twine)

Book of pretty 10×10 scrapbook paper that has more than one design. I used a book of Amy Butler designs that I’d bought at Michael’s years ago just because I loved the designs. Glad I finally found a use for them!



Thumbtacks or painter’s tape or whatever you want to use to attach the galrand to your wall or seamless paper.


Fold one of the 10×10 sheets of cardstock in half with the “good” side in.  Draw half a heart shape with the inside of the heart facing the seam. Try to use as much of the paper as possible, this first shape will become your template!   Cut along the shape you drew, when you unfold you should have a fab looking heart shape!


If you like the one you have, you can fold it back up and use it as a template to place on the next piece of folded paper and trace around it. If you want to make some corrections, you can try again with a new sheet.

Repeat as many times as hearts that you want for your garland, I believe mine had about 8. When you are ready to set up for your shoot, simply attach each heart to the twine with a clothespin. Easy Peasy!

The garland can be set up pretty much anywhere, find a place where the light is pretty (ideally coming in at about a 45 degree angle between you and your subjects) and hang either from a wall or seamless paper if you have a seamless set up.

Here are the results (you can see these bigger and better on my photography website!)










Other props used:

The pink frame is from the Organic Bloom, I painted one side of the insert with chalkboard paint, though they also sell chalkboard inserts. I use this prop a LOT in photoshoots!

Jasper’s adorable tie is from the Etsy shop “Petite Peanut” that has pretty much the cutest kids ties and bow-ties in existence.

I can’t end this post without including one other image I took of Jasper that day, while not very “Valentinesy” I do think he looks incredibly handsome..


..and more importantly HAPPY! I love that smile :)

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Lovely shots .. and very very creative.. I have a question on the backdrop. Mind sharing what type of backdrop is that ?

Farah says:

SO cute! Jasper is simply adorable.

He is so sweet. I love your photos!

Nina says:

Love the last one! :) His hair grows so fast! I love that you guys keep it longer.

jbhat says:

He is so dang cute! I love the hearts….may have to try that this year.