They all made it!


Mommy's little sweetheart!

Just got a call from my Dr. – all three embryos are still alive! And two of them are “excellent quality!”

One of the two is 8 cell and the other is 9 cell. The third embryo is 15 cell and not compacting, so a lower grade. But it’s still viable so all three are going in at 1pm today!

Last night’s PIO shot went much better than the night before.. I think Jeff was too far in towards the spine the first night because that one still hurts more than last night’s more recent shot.

I was telling him as much this morning while he was getting dressed and Jasper and I were still cuddling in bed.   All the sudden Jasper got this really concerned look on his face and said:

“Mommy, are you OK?”

“Sure baby, why?”

“Because the shots hurted you!”

I reassured him that mommy was FINE and he started sulking and said he was sad because mommy’s shots hurt :(

I reassured him again but he looked over accusingly at Jeff and said “Daddy- you need to be more gentle!”


Seriously, if we don’t screw him up too much my son may be the sweetest human being to walk this earth…I just hope we can give him a sibling to love too.

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GiGi says:

Your Jasper *is* a super sweetie, no matter what else may come. There is something to be said for being the mom of a tender-hearted boy – Logan is much the same, even at 10 years old now, and I count that blessing often! (((HUGS)))

andrea says:

I’ve been secretly following you for a month of so [ie. Internet stalking! :)] and just wanted to pop out of the bushes to say I’m thrilled to see this post and am so happy to hear the wonderful news! I’m done after having two babies so I’m sending all my sticky vibes!

Lauren says:

I got the chills reading this.. and it reminds me of my own journey in regards to the waiting and wondering. Hoping one of these guys is “sticky” as they say. I will be waiting with baited breath to hear the news…
And yes… it is hard reading the odds.. but one thing I have learned is that you are never a statistic. Keep the faith! ; )

vikki says:

Oh Ariana I just welled up reading your blog post today! I’m sending you as much sticky dust across the ocean that those embies stick!

Yvonne says:

And even if you don’t “give” him a sibling he’ll still be the sweetest human being to walk this earth….and he won’t have to share you!!!! That being said, GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Joanna says:

VERY exciting! And your little guy sounds awesome.

Nanette says:

Thinking lots of thoughts for you and those eggs! Stick, baby, stick!

Brooke says:

A couple unsolicited tips to help with the dreaded PIO-because you will need them due to the fact that this cycle will work and you will be at this for no less than 6 more weeks…

Buy a heating pad if you dont own one.
10 Minutes before BED time for YOU get your shot ready and turn your heating pad on.

Roll your PIO filled ready to inject syringe up in the pad with the protective cover on it ( I did this just before I washed my face and brushed my teeth for bed).
Have hubby administer the warm PIO shot-the heat changes the viscosity of the PIO so it goes into your muscle easier.

Then have him put a small bandaid over the injection site so you don’t ruin your sheets and undies and have hubby massage where he just injected for a couple of minutes-this will burn and hurt but its the only way to not have a lumpy welted up butt after 50 some odd injections. When he gets tired of doing this (roughly 30-60 seconds later) then flip over and lay on top of your heating pad for 10 minutes to help increase the blood flow to that butt cheek which will with the bruising.

I found the upper outer glute area on both butt cheeks far less pain full than closer to the spine ;)
Good Luck!

Amy says:

YAY! I’m super excited for you and love that you blog your life journey so I can pretend to be part of it. Jasper is going to be a wonderful BIG Brother :-)

ariana says:

Thank you all so much! It was really great news to hear. The Dr. who did the transfer said one of them was “great” and the other was “a really great looking embyro.” The wonky 15 cell one is just dividing too fast, most likely won’t make it, but they did put them all in. (So the likelihood of triplets is pretty much zilch)

At day three it’s a bit harder to determine how viable even these great looking embryos are, but I don’t have enough to wait until day 5 and risk losing the ones we have..

I did a bit of reading and at my age most eggs have abnormal DNA. So if neither of these good embryos stick, it’s more than likely that they just were genetically incompatible with life (assuming I have no implantation issues, which who knows?)

The odds are actually against us conceiving in just this one cycle (usually takes more tries at my age) but I still have hope. We’ve made it this far, just one more bit of luck is all we need!

Bethany A says:

Great news! Just a tip – when I was getting my progesterone shots, the nurse drew circles on by butt with a sharpie (sexy I know!) but at least that gave my husband a ‘target’ and made me feel better that he was injecting in the right area!

Suzette says:

Great news!!!!

Mama Smith says:

Wonderful news and he is the cutest. That picture is gorgeous. Fingers crossed for you guys!

Yay! I love the internet for letting me read blogs and fall in love with their authors. Wishing you lots ofluck!

Heather says:

OK, so maybe twins???

jbhat says:

Aw, I am melting with you. He’s such a dear!

I like what Pam said–crossing all of my crossables too. Well, maybe not my eyeballs. Need those to function today.


Nina says:

That’s so awesome!! Good luck today!!

tamara says:

wow that’s great. so happy for you and wishing that everything keeps on going on like this!

li’m curious, do you let transfer all three?

Belle says:

Keeping my fingers crossed and wishing you guys all the luck in the world!

pam says:

Keeping all crossables crossed for you!

Chantal says:

So excited for you!! This is my favorite post EVER!