A Day Late and an Egg short

I got the call from the IVF nurse yesterday that 3 of our 4 mature eggs retrieved had fertilized with ICSI. I’m pretty happy with that percentage, it could have been a lot worse!  She also told me I’d get a call THURSDAY to let me know what time the transfer would be.

I guess I completely misunderstood what they count as day one, I thought it was retrieval day = day 1 because that’s how they count everything else in infertility. The day you get your period= Cycle day 1, not the day after.  So yet another waiting game begins – this time the waiting is to hear if our little embryos survive until Thursday and if so, what grade/quality they are.

Last night I had the dubious pleasure of experiencing my first Progesterone in Oil (PIO in infertility lingo) shot.  I have to say that having to take 2-3 shots a day during the stimming part of the cycle is a lot easier than it sounds because the needles are really tiny and just go in the skin around your stomach.  But the PIO shot is intramuscular and is administered , well in the ass. Which in and of itself isn’t SO bad, but for whatever reason they have to “suspend” the progesterone in Oil, sesame oil to be exact, and it’s so thick that the needle itself has to be wide for the oil to be able to pass through.  And it HURTS. Not only going in, but also afterwards… it throbs and felt burnt around the injection site, though I may be allergic to the sesame oil which could be making it worse  ( I had a red mark that looked like a bite around the site all last night!)

The whole thing is just so barbaric, I just seriously can’t believe they can’t find a better option than giant needle in the ass. I swear, if men needed to take the progesterone shots to have babies you can bet your (sore) ass that someone would have figured out a way to suspend progesterone in beer or something a hell of a lot more pleasant and less painful.

I’m aware that there are other options (like suppositories) but crinone sounds disgusting and I know from first hand experience how unpleasant endometrin just for the mess of it. However, I’m seriously considering asking to take endometrin instead – I guess I’ll wait to see how I tolerate the PIO moving forward. (My Dr. said if the redness happens again tonight we will switch oils or to suppositories.)

The worst part of all this is if you actually get pregnant, you have to take these shots for 6-10 weeks!! Maybe they do that so that if you find out you are NOT pregnant, at least you have the consolation prize of being able to stop those damn shots. Geeez.

The funniest part of all this is that due to Jeff’s schedule we could only do the shot while Jasper was awake, and so he was with us for the whole thing including while we were watching a youtube video of where to do the shot.  This morning I come upstairs to find Jasper in the office by the computer asking to watch “the video where the lady gives herself a shot” and having a temper tantrum when I told him that wasn’t really a movie for kids!

Thank you all so much for you well wishes throughout all this, if I can ask for your continued positive thoughts that our little embryos make it until transfer tomorrow that would be fabulous.  It’s so weird to think that the closest thing may ever have to another child is sitting in a petrie dish somewhere in Manhattan. Grow embies grow!

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kate says:

Hi Ariana,
I highly recommend switching to crinone if it is as readily absorbed as the PIO. I know they usually like IVF patients to use PIO. I have tried prometrium (are those the little suppositories?) and they were very messy but the crinone was not at all messy like the supp’s. The only thing I would recommend is “manual removal” every few days because it does have to go somewhere. It is very easy though. Sorry for the awful visual, I tried not to be too descriptive ;-)

Christina says:

Thinking of you and sending lots of positive thoughts. Grow embies!!!

GiGi says:

Grow embies! Grow! What a trying experience, but one that I hope will be well worth the effort for you and your family.

Dulce says:

Big fan of your photos here =)
first time I comment.
Just wanted to wish the best a BFP this IVF cycle. My husband and I are fighting infertility also (PCOS) and IVF seems the only like the only alternative, after 5 failed IUIs. Anyways, wishing you and your family the best!

SB says:

Congrats! Unsolicited advice…do the shots in alternating spots (alternate but cheeks). We did mine in the same spot and I ended up getting a hard knot in my butt from scar tissue.

Heather says:

Grow little guys! Good luck! Could triplets be in your future?!?!?!?!?

Marissa says:

keeping my fingers crossed!

Kimberly says:

Grow, embies, grow!!! Thinking of you and sending tons of positive energy for a successful pregnancy!!! Much love… you are in my prayers. :)

Nina says:

Grow embies grow! Poor Jasper wanting to watch that video again, lol. Sending more positive vibes!! :)

Joanna says:

OMG…wishing you the best and sending positive thoughts your way. Grow little embies!!!

ariana says:

Thanks guys!!

Tracie, thank you so much for adding your considerable expterise! I am normally a contral freak, which is why I’ve always done the other injectables myself, maybe I will try it myself… its just the breaking skin part that seems so hard. The first time Jeff tried it last night it actually bounced off my skin LOL!

The other advantage of the ethyl oleate is that I think you can use a finer needle which would be VERY nice :)

Tracie says:

Some PIO tips from a pro (I earned that title, I spent about 2-3 years shooting that crap in ‘me bum)

1. See if you can switch to progesterone in ethyl oleate. It’s just another oil base, and seems to be thinner, and warms quicker in your hand.

2. warm the syringe in your hand for a moment.

3. Doing the shots yourself is surprisingly easy, and shockingly impowering! Lots of toots on youtube, but I would basically plunk my bum up on the bathroom counter, taking all weight off the hip I was going to shoot. (you do NOT want to shoot into a flexed muscle. That hurts!)
Pick a chunky part (easy peasy on this momma, clean, dry, and stab. I plunge very slowly, and when done, I pull it out halfway, marvel at my accomplishment, and then pull it all out and dispose of properly. The “halfway” trick seems to stop the bleeds a bit better. I give it a good rub, and with this method, I tend to have FAR less lumps and golfballs in the weeks to come.
Yeah, I just wrote a novel about butt-shots, sorry. But I suspect you’re going to be doing this for quite a few weeks, might as well get used to it ;-)
(FWIW, I always did endo AND PIO. Blech. There is no lesser evil. Just skip the prometrium, it doesn’t work, IMO)
GL !)

I’ve been thinking of you a lot the last few days! I hope it all goes well. That shot sounds terrible. Grow embies grow!

Chantal says:

Wishing you lots of luck and hoping for the best news for Thursday!

Tala says:

Oh wow! I’m praying that the embryos survive and are transferred and it’s successful! You really deserve it after all you’ve been through.