IVF Trigger Day

Yesterday I went into the Westchester office of my fertility clinic fully expecting to be ready to trigger (take the injection that makes your eggs ready to release in 36 hours) and have the Egg Retrieval (ER) on Sunday morning. But, that would have all worked out MUCH to perfectly.. what actually happened was that Dr. K felt my follicles needed one more day to mature, which meant I had to scramble around to get an extra dose of the Gonal F I’d run out of (and $252 to boot).  But that wasn’t the worst part, the worst part came when I was leaving his office and said OK, so I’ll trigger tomorrow night then?”

“Well no, we really need you to come back in for monitoring tomorrow to be sure..”

Tomorrow being today (Saturday) and his office is closed on the weekends so that means having to go into NYC instead.. which, while not super convenient, is not a huge deal on the weekends because at least there is no rush hour traffic to contend with. However, they were forcasting about 1-3 inches of snow in the city, due to fall RIGHT as I would need to be driving.

I really had no idea though until I got on the road this morning at 7:30am just HOW much snow and how bad the roads would be. The palisades parkway was COMPLETELY unplowed..I saw several cars that had skidded off the road into the woods that abut the highway and I was slipping around like mad. I honestly felt  like it was a big risk for what seemed like a “cover our bases” visit.

After all, he’d almost declared me ready to trigger yesterday, so how could I NOT be ready today after an additional day and dose of meds? Besides which I HAD no more meds left, now being out of both Gonal-F and menopur.

After a particularly bad skid, Ipulled off at the rest area and called in to ask do I REALLY need to come? Of course they couldn’t reach my doctor, so I kept driving and by the time they got back to me that my Dr. had said I should stay home I was already in the city and just went in.

Guess what? It was time to trigger (no, really?)

At least they are letting me skip the other visit tomorrow where they would just check to see if the HCG trigger had absorbed into my system (I can just do a home pregnancy test to assess the same thing.)

We also got our time for the retrieval on Monday morning. 8:30 am. Yikes! That’s awfully early to get into the city on a commuting day… not to mention inconvenient given that daycare doesn’t open until 8:00am which is cutting it too close. So, arrangements will need to be made.

But you know what is freaking me out even more about Monday? They said I can’t wear makeup because of anesthesia (they need to know if I’m getting too pale I guess?)  But what they DON’T realize is that my natural skintone is whiter than paper and most likely when confronted with my natural skintone with NO MAKEUP they will think I’m in organ failure or something.

You think I’m joking, but it happened in the hospital after having Jasper. The nurses kept asking me or Jeff if I was OK because I looked so pale! Finally after I got up the energy to put on some makeup they stopped pestering me.

Anyway, I have no idea when I’ll feel up to blogging again after the ER, so any fertile thoughts you can send my way Monday would be appreciated!

The snow today wasn’t all bad though.. here’s my little snowmonster after having a snowball fight with Daddy:

Coming home to a big hug from him telling me that he missed me makes everything always feel better!

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GiGi says:

Good luck today! May it be the start of a whole new chapter in your lives. Stay warm (just think of TX where we wore shorts all day yesterday).

jbhat says:

Oh my goodness. Does triggering mean that you get to have hot babymaking sex too? Wonderful! Enjoy! :)


Heather says:

Good luck today! I hope everything works out for you!!!

Rose says:

I wish you the best of luck, reading your blog always helps my day along, *blowing baby dust your way*

I will be praying for you and your family and hoping to hear good news!!

Mama Smith says:

Extra good luck to you! All the effort will be worth it in the end and I’m sure this try will work.

Lali says:

Wishing you the best!!

DebZorn says:

Tomorrow is my grandson’s 9th birthday. So, I’m thinking – “all systems are go” for your and your family. Good Luck! My prayers are with you.

Nina says:

What a weekend! I laughed out loud when you were talking about how pale you are. I can relate, my brother always asks me if I go outside. Sorry that this 50% Italian girl got the pale genes and not the dark ones, lol. Hope Monday morning goes smoothly! Will be thinking of you guys. :)

Lindsey says:

Thinking good thoughts for you and saying a prayer. I hope it works!

Michele says:

Hey Ari, what an ordeal. Sending you juicy, fertile thoughts. You are doing an amazing job, working hard to achieve your dreams, and you will! Can you just send that snow to Minnesota? We’ve had an absurdly balmy winter so far and the little dusting of white we have now is just not cutting it!
Love you. Big hugs to your handsome boys.

What an ordeal! Thinking lots of good thoughts for you :)