Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

So, clearly I didn’t have it together enough this year to create a holiday gift list in time for you to get anything shipped to you (unless you are an Amazon prime member!) and almost thought I should skip this post altogether.

But then I realized that there must be other last-minute shoppers like me who could use a suggestion or two of what to pick up in the stores this week if you are so unfortunate as to have to battle the throngs. Plus, you guys all gave such good ideas how could I not post them?

First, for 3-ish year olds because that’s what I have and all I really know/remember at this point!

Zingo!  Jasper loves this game. It’s like bingo but with pictures. I’m big on games with him at the moment because they seem to have more staying power!

Monkeys on the Bed – we all like this one! Jasper particularly likes when the monkeys fall off!

Melissa & Doug Folding Castle.  Still one of his favorite toys EVER!

There’s also a princess castle:

Reader Anne-Marie suggested the Quadrilla Marble sets – they look like so much fun! And bonus points for not being plastic and hideous :)

Kristy is getting her 3.5 year old a hotwheel race track, we got Jasper one too since all he’s asked for this year is a “red race car” (??)

LeapFrog Leapad Explorer

The whole interent is a buz with this whole “leap pad” craze. I’ve largely ignored it only because my iPad has pretty much already become Jasper’s plaything and I’m trying to cut down on his “screentime” in generally anyway.  But also, they are sold out everywhere regardless!

Probably too late to get this in time for the Holidays (unless you are an Amazon prime member) but Susan is getting her 3 year old daughter this adorable Kidcraft Dollhouse!

Some of you may remember we got Jasper the Kidcraft red retro kitchen last year and it was also a big hit!

For the 18 month old set
There were only two suggestions and BOTH were for the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank!

For the adults

I know so many people have the Kindle Fire on their list, though I must say I’ve read some conflicting reviews..

I couldn’t LIVE without my iPad. Just sayin! :)

I put the Keurig on last year’s list and it’s going on this year’s list again too. Last year I didn’t have the benefit of knowing that I would fall madly, deeply in love with mine. Like to the point where I PANICK if we run out of k-cups!

(My favorite flavor is the Newman’s Own Organic Bold which I just about died when Costco started carying in bulk. Yay!)

For the Photographer

Too late to get most nifty little gadgets in time for the holidays but you COULD always do a software download:

LR3 anyone?
I couldn’t live without Portraiture
Photographer’s Wall Display Guides
.. (KIDDING! sort of!)

If you have a local camera shop you could walk into, consider getting a remote like I used in these images and GET YOURSELF IN THE PICTURE!

That’s all I have time to post this year sadly.  But, I encourage you to take a look at previous years lists because they were pretty comprehensive and had some great ideas. Back when I had two minutes to myself to THINK! ;)

2010 Holiday Gift List
2009 Holiday Gift list

Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas this year and all previous  years!

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