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How appropriate that the product is called Carousel, because my mind is “spinning” from the events of the last 48 hours. Honestly, I should have titled this post down the rabbit hole because that’s where it feels like I’ve been the last two days!

For those of you who don’t know, This week is WPPI NYC and Photoplus Expo week in NYC.  Despite the fact that it’s in my own backyard, I had never attended this show, but two things made me decide to go this year, first that my friend David from H&H was going to be there and also that Adobe had invited me to a press lunch and a VIP party to announce and celebrate the release of Adobe Carousel.

Being neither technically “press” and most certainly not a “VIP” (at least not in my mind!) I didn’t really know what to expect when I arrived at  lunch on Wednesday.  Happily, I walked into a room filled with friendly faces because Anne and Cari who organized the Adobe Girl’s Getaway in SF last winter were there, as well as Julieanne Kost!

I love all three of these women and hadn’t  been sure I’d ever see any of them again, so it was a pleasure to catch up with them. In fact, Anne and Cari were my muses during our SF trip – we were supposed to be shooting sights in the city, but being a portrait photographer I only wanted to take pictures of PEOPLE and would make them pose for me every time the light looked pretty:



I looked at the name tags of the other invited guests with interest. These were DEFINITELY press people..real press people. People from BIG tech websites and magazines and let’s just say I was kind of well – amazed – to be sitting at the same table with them with my little “Becoming Mom” name tag!

And then came the fun part, Chris (the marketing manager for Carousel) demoed Carousel for all of us and after the demo was over they announced that it was becoming available the next morning.

So, if you are anything like I was before this week, you probably have heard that Adobe had a new product coming out but aren’t exactly sure what it is.. so I’m going to share my experience of what it is, though you would probably also be well served to visit the official Carousel website for more information!

Carousel is a new subscription based service from Adobe (free right now for up to 30 days) whereby you can share and EDIT your images on all of your devices (mobile phones, tablets,mac computer.) The editing interface is similar to ACR and LR so you can make adjustments to contrast, WB, tint, temperature, exposure, crop etc just like LR/ACR and the changes will instantaneously and automatically synch to all your devices!

At the beginning of the demo, I wasn’t even sure who the audience was for this product, but it became very clear that it’s no way aimed (yet?) at professional photographers, this is really a consumer product whereby you can share (and edit) your photos across devices and WITH UP TO 5 OTHER PEOPLE.  So with your one subscription, you are actually giving up to 5 other people carousel if you choose to invite them.. so for example I can share my pics of Jasper with Jeff, my mom, dad, aunt etc so they can always have the ones that I add to carousel available at any time!

It’s actually very VERY cool.

The only downside for me right now is that being a PC person, I can’t add images from my computer unless I somehow get them onto my iPad or iPhone camera roll first. But happily they will be releasing a PC version in early 2012.

Of course my mind is spinning with the possibilities it could offer to pro photographers (someday with a pro subscription maybe?) of inviting clients to view their session on their own iPad for example, and then would “disappear” after a predefined “viewing window.”

That is not where this product is going now though – for example you can’t turn off editing for the people you share it with (I do think it would be a nice feature to have a “read only” share) but the other possibilities are pretty awesome.

For families with young kids, I see this as an amazing way to keep all your important pictures at your fingertips and at the fingertips of your close family at all times.

For example, my dad just got a new (well, my OLD) iPhone.  I’m not sure he even knows how to use any apps, but I can install carousel for him and he can have instant access to up-to-date pictures of Jasper just by pressing the carousel icon on his phone!

If you want to check it out, it’s available at the  iTunes App Store and Mac App Store and you can sign up for free for 30 days so you can give it a whirl. Feel free to ask any questions about it in the comments, If I can’t answer for you I can probably get an answer for you  from the nice folks at Adobe.

After the Carousel demo, Julieanne (LOVE HER!) demoed a new product Adobe is working on called Photoshop Touch. It’s a Photoshop mobile app that can do some pretty cool things.. I will blog about that more once I get my hands on a copy to play with!

After the demos I had a chance to meet and chat with a bunch of super nice Adobe employees  including Tom Hogarty. I was  like “Tom Hogarty.. Tom Hogarty.. have we met before? I know I know your name..Um yeah, because his name is on the LR splash screen Doh!

I wonder if he gets that all the time?  Of course I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to harass him for the features that I would like to see in LR4, and that I’m sure he DOES get all the time! :)

After lunch I headed back over to the show and took a seminar about Family Portraiture by Michelle Celentino. I just have to let it be known that if you ever have the chance to see her speak, DO IT! She’s hysterical, like stand-up comedienne funny and she actually gave me a lot to think about in terms of classic posing.

The next day (yesterday) I had lunch with David from H&H who is not only an one of my favorite “business contacts” but also one of my favorite people. It’s always a pleasure to hang out with him and I think I successfully convinced him that H&H should carry more of my wall guides groupings as clusters (yay!) and that we should partner on a cool new product next year..

Finally, I had some time to walk the show… which was..well,  kinda boring. It’s a very techy show, not at all like PPA or what I expect WPPI vegas will be.  But I did get to see Tamara Lackey speak, which was cool but it was a small audience so she fielded questions pretty much the whole time. You know how that can go when you get one or two people asking annoying questions the whole time?? Grrr.

After that I went to pick up my camera gear that I had dropped off at the CPS lounge – yep, they were doing free clean & checks for gold & platinum members (yet another perk with membership!) and waited with a group of Adobe invitees to head over to their poolside party at the Gansevoort hotel where there were delicious appetizers and drinks and so many REAL photography VIPS.

I got to meet some more incredibly nice Adobe employees and say hi to some others I’d met at before.. it was a very nice event, the kind that I just don’t get to go to much anymore, a fact that was brought home all to clearly by the text I received at 8pm from Jeff:

“Do you have Bear? I NEED BEAR!”

At which point I had to leave the lovely cocktails and conversation and rush home to get my little boy his bear before bedtime.

If that doesn’t perfectly capture the dual life of  a mommy/blogger/photographer/entrepreneur I don’t know what does!

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GayleV says:

Fun review of Carousel. Was hoping that the interface would be similar to LR and ACR. But I will have to wait since I use a PC, too. I wondered if you’d be at all the fun NYC events this week! Jealous that you got to hang out with Cari, Anne, and Julieanne again! Certainly a “mom-thing” to get a text for a favorite toy! Glad you had a good time!

ariana says:

Amarie, I think of it sort of like a paid flickr subscription..but yes, I’m curious how it will play out since we are all so used to “free!”

Photoshop Touch (and all mobile apps) will be available for adroid, though not sure if it’s out of the gate or not.

Amarie says:

Hmm,.I just don’t feel very amped about this Adobe Carousel. I don’t know if it’s because I sure don’t want other folks editing my photos, or because I’d have to pay for it, or if it’s because Adobe had the audacity to not make a PC version straight out of the gate. Once developers disregard either the PC or Android market until later, when introducing a new product, it’s almost always a wrap for me. I’m actually more excited about this Photoshop Touch app! Unless, of course, they only develop it for iPhone.

Crystal says:

sounds fantastic Ariana! I think the product sounds great…would love to sync my photos on different devices!

Carrie says:

Awesome! This product looks wonderful, I can’t wait to try it out! Congrats on such an amazing meeting and thanks for sharing it with us :)

Ellen says:

It sounds amazing, but a little daunting! Then again, so did all the other adobe programmes before I got my hands on them.

ariana says:

That’s the thing Ellen – it’s so EASY and intuitive! You don’t have to know anything about editing if you just want to use it to share photos, but then if you do want to edit and are familiar with any Adobe editing products you will find it to be a VERY familiar interface :)

Are you kidding me right now with how awesome this is?! As a blogger, I’m already dreaming of the possibilities! I must go sign up. Now. LOVE you for sharing this!