We Had a Conversation

Tell me about your day mommy..

Last night I had a shoot in the early evening so Jeff had picked Jasper up from daycare. On the way home I always ask Jasper about his day- what he did, who he played with, if he had fun..but last night I didn’t see him until I got home after my shoot.  So right before bed I asked him how his day was – and after a brief sentence or two he completely shocked me by asking “Mommy, how was your day? What did you do all day?” and then sat and listened with interest as I recounted everything I had done.

It was such a paradigm shift, I knew it as soon as he said it.  We were having a CONVERSATION.  Not just a one sided list of questions and answers..

I have a busy day today and tomorrow, going into the city to learn about Adobe’s new Carousel program, seeing some lectures at WPPI/Photoplus – but I couldn’t not write about this. It seems like a milestone just as important as rolling over, sitting up or walking.  He’s growing up so fast..

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Sarah says:

So cute, I love it! I was recently moved when my recently-turned-3-year-old son Finn followed his response to my questions about his day at Montessori with “Do YOU like practical life, Mommy? What do YOU like to do?”

This age is SO fun!

Fiona says:

Ahhhh, what a wonderful post. I look forward to the day that my daughter and I have a conversation……but recognise, as you also have, that they grow up too fast, so for now, my questions, and her answers will be just fine…..

Enjoy your conversations, there are many to come…..

Fiona x

Laura says:

So sweet and what a great mom for recognizing the importance of this:)

jbhat says:

Wow. That’s wonderful. I hope that dialogue continues for years to come.


Roxanne says:

The cutest thing ever!