Canon Professional Services Qualification Changes!

I have to admit I felt a little bit left out of the party because it used to be that you couldn’t join Canon Professional Services (CPS) unless you had two qualifying camera bodies. But now they changed to a much more (in my opinion) equitable system that uses points values for each piece of equipment that you own!  This includes bodies, lenses, accessories (flashes etc) and well, let’s just say that I ended up having a LOT of points, enough to more than qualify for the Gold Level.

You can read about the new requirements and the different levels on Canon’s website.

The silver level is free, but I ended up signing up for the gold level for $100 per year because it comes with two free “clean and checks” of your equipment.  A local camera shop cleaning can easily cost you $150, so it seems like a no brainer. But what REALLY sold me on the gold level is that you can get free evaluation loans!

Yep, you can choose from any lens, body or camcorder in the Canon aresenal and have them send it to you FREE via 2 day fed ex and keep it up to two weeks. All you do is pay return shipping with the label they provide.  That is AWESOME and totally worth $100 a year.

In the past I’ve spend well over $100 to rent a lens (the 70-200 2.8L) to try it out because I wanted to make sure it was worth the investment. All that’s left now is to pick what new lens I want to play with….I’m kind of dying to try the EF 14mm f/2.8L II USM.. fisheye fun!

Because I HATE posting anything without an image, here are two I took of Jasper testing out a new location:



I love that he still loves his bear!!!

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ariana says:

Another little bonus for CPS members? I just went and dropped off my mark II and 70-200 for a free clean and check at WPPI/Photoplus Expo!

cristina says:

Thank you Ariana! I didnt even know this is existed.Yay!!!!!

jbhat says:

Bear! I love that he still clutches him too. It’s so sweet.


Aimee says:

The 14mm is an amazing lens but it is not a fish eye nor does it have the fish eye effect. Just an FYI. Don’t want you to be disappointed. It is an amazing lens! Next on my list! The 15mm fisheye is a wonderful lens!

I have 66 points which puts me at platinum level but I am not paying $500 a year for it!!! I have been a silver member for awhile but I have debated on switching to gold so I am going to check out the info you mentioned!

Jennifer says:

I, too, was surprised at the high value on the EF-S 10-22 lens. It is a pricey one, though, for it only being a cropped body lens. Have to say, though, I love mine and don’t see myself getting rid of it anytime soon (I use it on my wedding time-lapses with the cropped body).

Christina says:

Thank you for sharing! My lenses knocked me into gold range too :) The evaluation program sounds perfectT

Georgia, I have the 35L and it was listed.

Georgia says:

Ok so I have 58 points then. LOL…

I have the 85L and 10-22. That’s probably why I have more :) I was shocked to see the 10-22 on the list and with such high point values… it’s EF-S. Not exactly “pro” quality IMHO.

ariana says:

No limit that I know of then..

I think I have 46 points.. ? What do you have that I don’t other than the 35? Maybe it’s something I need :)

I see the 35, it’s under the’s worth 8 points!

Georgia says:

No I mean number of different evaluations. I’ve been considering the 16-35, but I’m still on a cropped sensor. I’d love to really give the 5D2 a spin, but all the horror stories on ILP make me wonder if I should really just hold out until the 5D3 is announced.

How many points do you have? I have 50. I would have more, but the 35L isn’t listed! LOL! That has to be an oversight. It’s one of their top lenses!

Do you toggle or focus recompose? I haven’t had any focusing problems whatsoever with my 5D2, but then again I focus recompose now.. and can’t figure out why I ever toggled LOL!

Georgia says:

Curious — is it only once that you can borrow a lens under Gold or more than once? I would love to take advantage of that to try out some lenses.

ariana says:

Glad to help Kimberlee!

Georgia, the same lens you mean? I read somewhere that there is SOME limit to the number of times you can rent the same lens (it is meant to be an evaluation, not a rental service) but as far as I know no limit to the number of DIFFERENT lenses!

I want to reach over and kiss you for this great information! I am signing up now. I have well over $8,000 in Canon equipment that I purchased last year.