20 Year HS Reunion + 38th Birthday = I am Old.

All in one weekend, two reminders that I am no longer a spring chicken..

Today is my last day being 37. Which honestly wouldn’t be SO bad, but while you may call 37 “mid thirties” there is no denying that 38 is late 30’s pushing 40. Plus, I get to move up into the next less successful tier of boxes in the infertility statistics. FUN STUFF!

I am looking forward to reconnecting with  my classmates though.  The (waldorf) school I went to was tiny, so every classmate is like a long lost relative.. it will be fun to see what everyone is up to.

And now, so I don’t feel so impossibly old, a picture of me in my extreme youth:


Ah, I feel better already!

PS, is that like Jasper with long hair or what?

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Kimberly says:

Happy birthday again…. I’m feeling the push of the “late thirties,” too…. but we’re only as old as we feel, right??
LOVE that pic… Jasper is sooooo you!

Sarah says:

38 is old? No, way! Besides, you look about 29, and clearly possess a youthful abundance of energy — only with more wisdom and experience.

Happy Belated Birthday!

jbhat says:

As some who is in her “late early-forties,” I think you are just a baby. You’re doing fine!

Happy Birthday.



Carlise says:

I turned 38 over the summer and know exactly how you feel! And it didn’t get any better being diagnosed with peri-menopause 2 weeks after celebrating my ‘mid-thirties’, lol…talk about b-day presents!! Here’s hugs for a fabulous year – have a wonderful time at your reunion and your birthday party!! ((HUGS))

Jen says:

I had my one & only child at 38 so keep the faith. It can happen! Enjoy the reunion & happy birthday!

Heather says:

Have fun on your b-day and reunion!

Sean Murphy says:

Ah well, there’s no stopping that. I’m not pushing 40, I am 40! Anyway, it’s not so bad. It’s the idea of it more than the reality that’s hard. Anyway, your older and wiser and all that.

Happy birthday!

Claudia says:

Its incredible how much jasper looks like you! And hey 38 is the new 28! Your not old!! Happy Birthday! :D

GiGi says:

you’ve got some seriously strong genes there! the resemblance to Jasper is amazing! Enjoy your weekend!