Happy Third Birthday Jasper!

Dear Jasper,

If you are old enough to be reading this, you are probably old enough to know that the date of this post is NOT your actual birthday and wonder why.  Well dear one, you will have also probably figured out by then that your mother has a tendency to go “over the top” with things (as your Daddy would say) and your birthday fell just one day before your birthday party… so Mommy was a madwoman trying to get everything ready to throw you a SUPER birthday bash the next day. Will you forgive me? I hope so!

I wonder if you remember anything about your third birthday? (I have vague memories of mine, how amazing to think you might be old enough to form long term memories now!)  Will you remember how you woke up and asked mommy and daddy if it was your Birthday and when we said yes, you said “Is my party downstairs?” And later told us that your cake and your party were sad waiting for you!  then how you bounded down the stairs and saw the word’s biggest train table that daddy stayed up ALL night putting together.

Later you unwrapped the “supersuit” that mommy got you, and did a super pose so that mommy could take a picture:

Then you went to preschool and were SO excited because Mommy was going to bring you CHOCOLATE cupcakes  to share with your friends!  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so excited for anything as when you ran over to the table to sit down and inhale that cupcake.

After your little party at pre-school, Mommy took you to her studio to take some quick birthday shots. It was the first time I can remember you actually cooperating on a photoshoot! We had fun, you particularly love the fact that the big couch was on wheels:


Later that night, we went to see the Hibachi chefs cook dinner at the table. You thought the fire and smoke was so cool, and loved how the chef would throw food for daddy to catch in his mouth!

It was a good day. Before bed, mommy & daddy told you the story of the day you were born which you love to hear. It made me so proud to think how much you’ve grown and changed since then.. and a little sad too that you are growing and changing SO fast!

When I think of you at this age, I think of the sound of you laughing while rough-housing with daddy, the way you do unexpected nice things like hold the door open for me, or say nice things like “Mommy, you are beautiful!” Or the way you are so stubborn, determined and SMART that you went from totally un-potty trained to completely potty trained in the span of a day or so.   I think of how I love to cuddle with you before bed to ready you stories, and how I love seeing your smiling face first thing in the morning asking me if it’s wake up time yet.

Yesterday we were driving in Daddy’s car and you were repeating everything the “car lady” said to daddy.  When we were listening to our horoscopes it asked what sign and Daddy said “Libra” so we could hear mommy’s horoscope.  You had to repeat it of course, but not being wise to the ways of astrology you yelled “Zebra!” instead, which made Daddy and I laugh for a very long time with love and pride in our eyes.  That’s how I want to remember this time in your life always.

I love you so much my little Honey Bear, I can’t wait to see what next year will bring!

xoxo, Mommy

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Channone says:

Ariana, I just stumbled onto your website (in pursuit of preset information) and I got sucked into your blog as if I was having a conversation with a great new friend! I struggled with IF, I now have a son who is 18 months old, and I love photography (hoping to make it into a business soon). It’s always nice to find people with similar life paths. Thank you for sharing your life, I look forward to future posts!

Chelsey says:

That first photo is perfect!

GiGi says:

Love his ‘super suit’! And love your letter to your growing super hero. I am sure his day was beyond special and will be the kind of memory he carries for a lifetime. Soak up this time, it flies way too fast. :+)

kari says:

too cute Ari. you totally have the first three years summed up – and have me all weepy as well!

jasper is the sweetest and cutest little superhero i have ever seen :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASPER!!!!

cheers to the “threes”…. so far three is for me :)
i asked Liam if he could just stay three forever, then i would be the most happy (and exhausted) mommy ever.

xoxo congrats on three great ones!

miss you!

k and l

Sarah says:

Happy belated Birthday to Jasper! He sure looks like a cutie in his supersuit!

jbhat says:

Oh my good lord, Ariana. You do this to me every year! Tears! Smiles! You write so beautifully.

And of course, you are showing me up. I should write a similar letter to you know who.



Susan says:

A big happy birthday to Jasper! It’s sounds like an amazing day with an awesome little boy.