Super Jasperman!

All the invitations are out:

(It’s nice having a husband who’s an illustrator!)

The RSVP date was yesterday, and of course, I have only heard from two people so I have NO idea how many kids are coming and how many favors to order!

Though I had aspirations of perhaps custom making (or having my mom make) Jasper’s superhero outfit for his party, I finally faced facts and ordered one from this Etsy seller.  I ordered a matching cape for Bear too!

In the meantime, I needed capes and masks as party favors and after a lot of searching, I finally found safe (velcro closure) assorted color capes and cute red and black reversable masks – no matter what cape color a child gets, either the red or black should look great with it!  There are only 10-  no idea if this is enough, but they came really fast so I could order more next week if I find out we need more.

Yesterday we were bored at home so I decided to let him try the new masks and party favor capes and Jasper was in heaven!


He even did “superhero poses” for me!



He insisted on taking the mask and cape to “mum-mum and pop-pop’s” where I got an outdoor pic:


Apparently, saving the world is EXHAUSTING:




Lastly, a few little Jasperisms I don’t want to forget in the future:

Last week, he totally used daycare-speak on us.  “You’re not listening to my words and you’re making bad choices” he said when he didn’t like what we were telling him!

Saturday I had my first shoot at my new studio (more on that later!) and Jeff and Jasper helped me set up a bit. I had hoped to get some pictures of Jasper but he was SUPER cranky and kept insisting he was thirsty and wanted water.  Not persuaded by the fact that we had no water at the studio Jasper insisted that “he smelled water” and there must be some there.

He found mommy’s razor in the shower and asked Jeff what it was. When Jeff said “It’s mommy’s razor” Jasper asked him if he “razed” with it!

There are so many more that I’ve just forgotten..I had the idea this morning that I should use my iPhone’s voice memo feature to record these as soon as they happen so I don’t miss any more!

Edited to Add: I can’t believe I forgot to post this the first time, but Jasper also hit a baseball being pitched (as opposed to T ball) for the first time on Saturday!  He did it three times in a row, so it wasn’t just a fluke!

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Ali says:

CUTE! I love the invites and the theme! I couldn’t help but think of one of our favorite videos by Tim and the Space Cadets. Not sure if you let Jasper watch videos, but this one is totally up his alley:

Can’t wait to see pictures for the party!

Farah says:

Ariana- the invites are amazing (and Jasper looks adorable in his mask & cape)!!

Susan says:

I can be of no help with the party favors! We also got our capes from Amazon but, other than that, the party was pretty low key. We all went to Incredible Pizza which is like a Chucky Cheese but Superhero themed ($10 game card if you show up dressed as a superhero…very convenient). So, it was the cape and the $10 game card that served as favors! How many kids/parents did you invite?

Kristy says:

I hope that JoJo is one of the two people counted as “in” for the party :-). Everything looks so cute! We are looking forward to it!!!

Cole says:

LOVE your invites! We’re having my Mickey party on that same day – my birthday is the 24th. I must be nearly exactly one year younger than Jasper!

ariana says:

Carmen – as soon as I got ready to post this I realized that there was most likely going to be a spellign error! Thanks for pointing that out. Without an E it’s like the sandwich right? Sigh. Will keep it in mind for future printables :)

ariana says:

Susan- yes of course! Totally forgot to give him credit. Aw, Violet’s party sounds so cute! Do you have any other good favor sources for me? :)

carmen says:

I hate to do this since I feel like a stickler, but I just want to point out that it’s ‘superheroes’ with an ‘e’ instead of ‘superheros’ (back of the invitation). Just want to put it out there in case you’re doing some follow up correspondance with people after the party with pictures of their little superheroes, or something like that. Everything looks super cute, I just had to say something because it jumped out to me (although these things do, I am sure most people won’t notice, and certainly won’t care).

Susan says:

Awesome invitations! I’m assuming that they’re Jeff’s handiwork? Violet’s 3rd birthday party was a superhero theme (she was Spider Girl) and we also did cape party favors. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the main event! Jasper, like always, is adorable.

ariana says:

Hi Gillian,
Thanks! I did see those links in my preliminary research. They are so good as to be intimidating LOL! :0

Gillian says:

Here is another link that is actually from the individual who did the party planning for the party highlighted in the link above :) You always have adorable parties for Jasper….can’t wait to see pics :)

Gillian says:

Hey Ariana,
Wanted to share a like from the hostess with the mostess. I had seen this birthday idea awhile back and favorited it because my husband is a HUGE superhero fan and our so is starting to take after daddy…lol. The etsy seller has one pic on her site from this party. They even sell a template for a city scape coloring poster in different sizes. You may have already seen this but wanted to share just in case :)