Jasper – King of the Potty!

And here he is, sitting on his throne in his big boy underwear – so proud of himself!!

“But wait!” you ask, “When did Jasper get potty trained?”

Beats the hell out of me! It happened pretty much in an instant.  Well, ok Jeff and I made a very perfunctory  attempt at keeping him in underwear for about half a day this past weekend but it didn’t go very well.  He peed pretty much immediately in his underwear and kind of freaked out. The rest of the day he would go to the potty when we sort of insisted that he did, but he didn’t once tell US that he had to go.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday and I’m dropping him off at daycare and a classmate is coming out of the bathroom getting praise for using the potty. “See” I told Jasper, “He’s a big boy who uses the potty.”

Mind you, this is NOT the first time he’s heard this sort of thing, but apparently it flipped some sort of switch in his stubborn little brain because when I picked him up at daycare they had some completely improbably news:  ALL day he had told them when he had to go potty and kept his pull up completely dry!!

Not believing that we could POSSIBLY get this lucky, I was thinking it could have been just a one day fluke. After all, Jasper had steadfastly REFUSED to use the potty at daycare when asked and then suddenly decided he would -and then promptly decided he WOULDN’T again, so all bets were off that there would be a repeat performance.

But, when I picked him up yesterday it was the same story – he even got up at naptime to ask to use the potty! His teachers suggested that we send him in underpants (with a couple change of clothes!) so that’s what we did today.

Last night we had a very proud moment when Jeff and I were working on his party invitation on the couch and we heard Jasper call us from across the house “Mommy! I just went pee pee in the potty!”  He had gone into the bathroom and peed without even telling us he had to go! It’s totally surreal..

Certain challenges remain however. We still have not had to go in a public restroom – he’s so resistant to anything new that I think he might FREAK at the prospect of going on a real toilet.  We are going to a restaurant tonight, so I'[m more than a little worried!  Also, yesterday he pooped in his pull up, so I’m HOPING that he realizes that he absolutely cannot poop in his underpants! Keep your fingers crossed for us..

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jbhat says:

Using the undies is the key. He’ll get the hang of it.

Our kiddo (who STILL covers his ears when we flush a public toilet, and who STILL asks worriedly if it’s an automatic–he’s 6.5, btw) used to do this funny little marching in place thing, and then he’d call out, “I need to pooooop!” And we’d be like, omg, stop talking about it and go to the toilet!


esther says:

girl, we are on the same page! our boys (i have twins) are just 5 days apart…i got them trained a month ago and it’s going great. #2 is sometimes still an issue- they know they need to go on the potty but do not always know how to get it out!!! any ideas on this one, let me know!

regarding the public stuff: this is what i am doing and it’s working good: i have a minivan, so space is not an issue, and i put the baby born potty in the back. before we go into a store/anywhere, we go potty, when we come out, same thing. lately i do not have to do it every single time- they can go for an hour now, but it’s worked really really well. i have used public restrooms and i do not like them, either! especially with twins since while i am holding one child so that nothing touches the toilet, the other one is touching everything in the stall! but with one child, it would be easier..i bet jasper will get there soon, too!


Staci says:

Yay, Jasper!!!!! Way to go!!! I went through this with my son (now 3yrs old). Tried at 2yrs old, and he refused, but suddenly at 2.5, he was ready. Boys potty train on their own schedule.

For public potties…(my son was scared of public toilet, too, until he could stand up and use the bathroom)…try a portable potty. We used two different options. (1)they have paper disposable potties (Potty Flip Disposable Potty) that worked in a pinch. We have an SUV and we could open the back door and have him sit down and go or (for more privacy) scoot the front seat all the way up and sit the portable potty on the floor of back seat (we have rubber car mats). They’re small enough to fit in your purse, so if you don’t want to take him out to the car, just take him to the restroom and use the handicap stall where there’s a little more space and he wouldn’t be so close to the toilette if he’s afraid. (2)Potette Plus brand portable potty chair and seat – Love this thing! Son is fully potty trained and now pees standing up even in public restrooms, but we still keep this in the car just in case we’re somewhere where we can’t easily get to a restroom (i.e. park, shopping center, long road trip). Plus, we have a 16 month-old son, who will need to be potty trained, so it’ll come in handy.

You can pick up a 3-pack of disposable potties at Bed, Bath and Beyond or just order on line.

Good Luck tonight at dinner, and great job, Mom!!!!!

Kaley says:

Basically how to get clean images without looking super saturated. These three are perfect in every way. Maybe just before and afters of the photos from this post with the steps you took?
Thanks so much! I always learn a tom from you.

Nina says:

He looks so much like you in these pictures! I love them! All my little man has done on the potty is pee before bed. I figure it’s better than nothing.

Heather says:

When it clicks, it clicks! And, you’re so luck that the timing is during the warm weather.

ariana says:

Kimberly – that’s Jasper to a T!

Kaley – I’m happy to oblige.. any topic in particularly you’d like me to cover?

Pam – that’s Jasper too.. good help us trying to get him to do anything until HE decides it’s time!

pam says:

I’m not surprised. When the boys were ready, they were potty trained in NO time. Before that, it was impossible.

Kaley says:

Way to go Jasper! That is great!

And Ariana, I love your PP in the photos…amazing! I am hoping for another PP tutorial sometime soon??? :-)

Kimberly says:

Hooray!!! Sounds a lot like the way James trained… we did work on it a bit, and I “bribed” him by telling him when he was totally potty trained I’d buy him all the Thomas trains he wanted… but it was literally like a switch flipped one day, and he was 99%… he’s even almost ALWAYS dry in the morning, though I do still put him in a pull up, just because I have them. I won’t be buying more. I think you’re probably there… he might have a random accident here or there, but sounds like he was ready! Yay, Jasper!!!

Tip for public potties… I think Jasper is pretty sensitive like James is… he HATES the auto-flush toilets, and the blowers for drying his hands… they scare him. So I avoid the “magic” flush potties as much as I can, and he does really well. Good luck, Mama!!!