Happy Belated 4th!

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday weekend! I apologize in advance because this post is going to go in about 10 different directions all due to the fact that so much has happened in the last two weeks that I haven’t had time to blog about, but I’ll do my best to keep it somewhat linear.

Our prospects for a fun holiday weekend started out on the iffy side – Jasper got the fever/cough thing that was going around daycare on Wednesday night.. and he got croup!  It went down the same exact way as when we were at Disney – he starts of with Croup and then progresses to a normal cough with fever.

I checked and no one else at daycare had croup (or ever has) and this is Jasper’s 3rd time so I started doing some googling.. croup is a swelling of the vocal chords and some kids are much more prone to it than others. I found several accounts of moms who said their children ALWAYS get croup when they get sick but eventually grow out of it.  It seems more prevalent in children with allergies and asthma and Jasper had laryngomalacia which is a tightening of the vocal box basically, so my theory is that he’s just MUCH more prone to the type of swelling that causes croup.  Now that I know that it’s normal for him, it doesn’t freak me out as much – but it DOES sound scary!

In addition, I had a mild case of pink eye from wearing false eyelashes… there is a LONG backstory to this which I will try to keep short:

Sandy Puc (yes, THE Sandy Puc!) expressed interest in possibly talking about my wall guides during her upcoming Creative Edge Kids Tour – the catch was that I had to create a 2-4 minute video about the product that she could show on stage.  Obviously this is a HUGE opportunity for exposure that I would never get otherwise, so my answer was of course yes- but then I had to produce the video which ended up being a huge oddesy  that I will save for the subject of another post!  But the long and short of it is  that after spending 4 days straight creating a 3:45 “commercial” for my product, I heard back that they thought it was cute but they wanted something less salesy and with more how-to.  They were SUPER nice about it – instead of cutting it all together from the show they graciously agreed to let me submit another video that  I spent a large part of this past weekend doing.

Wait, how did we get here.. oh yes, the eyelashes!

So originally back when I was trying to pull together the first video, I thought I would speak the voice-over on camera so I asked Chris, a local photographer friend who does video to shoot it for me and I decided at the last second I HAD to wear false eyelashes… and I actually FOUND the ones I had from my wedding – they are what, 7 years old? The only problem was that the glue was also 7+ years old. You can see where this is going yes? Let’s just say I wasn’t all that surprised when pink eye showed up a few days later.


It was kind of worth it though – I didn’t end up using the video footage but Chris did get some stills of me that day that I actually like! I was really happy to be able to replace my profile picture with this one, which at the very least doesn’t make me look 50 years old like the last one!

He also got some video footage of me shooting Jasper (in a photographic sense!) that I did use and I even got some good images of Jasper out of it! I’ll save those images for my next post on my video making trials and tribulations.

Anyhow, all this is to say that while both of us felt a bit crappy going into the weekend (and I thought I’d have to work the whole time) I managed to finish the video on Sunday and Jasper started to feel better. My parents offered to babysit so Jasper stayed over their house (for the second time) and Jeff and I went to go see X-men – which was fantastic by the way!

It was SO bizarre though coming back to the house without him, I missed him so much.   He did OK at my parents-  he only really got upset at bedtime when he realized he was getting put to bed NOT at home with Mommy and Daddy.. he actually asked my parents to drive him home to his house to sleep with Mommy and Daddy :(

When Jeff picked him up Monday morning my dad asked him if he would come back and do it again and Jasper said “Yes, but I won’t sleep here again!”

Monday afternoon Jeff took Jasper swimming at my parents’ pool and then we headed over to our friends Brian and Ami for a BBQ at their house. Jasper was very excited to see Peytie again, only a few days earlier he had demanded a playdate with her!

The two of them were SO cute and incredibly well behaved as we sat and waited almost 2 hours for the fireworks to start.

Jasper had his first push up pop and Ami grabbed my camera and shot this:

Because I am wearing this green dress, I have to tell you a funny story (told you this post would go in 10 different directions!) so that I remember it: Jasper is obsessed with this dress. Everytime I put it on he says “mommy, your dress is pretty.”  And yesterday he added that I looked like a princess in it.. he actually gives me EXTRA hugs when I wear it.  I think if we ever do a mommy and me photoshoot I must wear this dress!  I must say that his complements completely melt my heart.. he’s quite the little Romeo.

Finally, the fireworks began and Jasper was pretty scared as we figured he would be.  We put his PBK shark headphones on which we hoped would dampen the noise and he sat in Jeff’s lap and managed to be very fascinated AND very upset at the same time. But he didn’t start bawling or make us leave, so all in all I’d call it a success!

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Amy says:

AWE! Poke and Jasper are so cute together! LOVE the photos. I miss you all :o(

Danielle says:

Thank you so much! After I hit send I searched your site a bit more and came upon that very article. I just finished reading it and know my homework assignment – shoot in manual. It’s so daunting to me to try to remember all of the different settings while trying to capture a quick-moving toddler. I guess once it sinks in it will become more instinctual but right now by the time I think of each component, my child is already in the next room! I just need to practice! Thanks again.

Kristy says:

Jonas is one of those croup kids you mentioned! He gets it at least once or twice a year, any time he gets a bad cold, it starts as croup, then fades into a regular cold/cough. He is also prone to high fevers… fun. There have been a few times when we have been fully dressed in the middle of the night waiting to run to the ER because his breathing sounded so bad (luckily we never had to go). Croup can be dangerous, so you have to be careful. We keep medication in the house for it, just in case it gets bad enough (our pedi knows he is prone to croup). Although we rarely have to use it. Luckily, putting him in the bathroom filled with steam usually does the trick! Miss you guys!

Alexandria says:

My son freaked out over the fireworks as well. In his defense he warned us that he didn’t like them but I thought he’d be fine. He wasn’t. I had to literally lay my body over his head to muffle the sound. He wouldn’t even look at them! Next year we will come with headphones!

ariana says:

Kimberly- I’m SOOOO happy for you! Did you meet someone? I want DETAILS!

Kimberly says:

You look beautiful… love that there’s FINALLY a pic with you and Jasper, even if your face is down…
Been off the grid for a while… promise I’ll be updating at some point, but the long and short is that I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life… insane. ;-)

ariana says:

Thanks Gayle! I thought Chris did an amazing job.. I NEVER am happy with pictures of myself so I was pleasantly surprised that I liked almost all of them!

GayleV says:

That is a gorgeous picture of you!!

Danielle says:

I wanted to thank you for your guest post on Drew B’s blog. I’ve had my DSLR for several years now and I still haven’t mastered the ins and outs of it. I try to soak up all the literature I can gather, in hopes that one day it will sink in.

At the end of your post you asked for questions and I do have one for you. I seem to have trouble knowing when to switch apertures. I use the 50mm 1.8 lens you mentioned and that’s it. I tend to keep it on 1.8 because I think someone must have told me to do that (: I recently tried to take pictures at my son’s birthday party and was not very pleased with the images that involved people. My question is this, should I have upped the aperture or is that the best I can hope for with that lens? It was a fairly well-lit room with a big window and I think my ISO was set on either 100 or 200. I typically use AV mode so I don’t have to deal with another variable (it’s my crutch!).

Thanks in advance. I looked forward to following your blog now (:

ariana says:

Hi Danielle!
You DEFINITELY don’t want to always shoot at 1.8, your depth of field is SO narrow (particularly with close ups) that it will be very difficult to nail focus. I think this post will explain: http://www.becoming-mom.net/2010/01/13/photography-basics-lets-talk-focus/