Jasper’s First Break Up

Poor Jasper.. his “girlfriend” Shelby apparently got very upset with him today and threw something at him (after he broke something I think?) and now she’s not his girlfriend anymore :(

I think this split has been a long time coming because for one thing, it’s a bit of a one sided love affair. Shelby is going to be 5 this summer, and I think she’s a little too mature to be happy about Jasper going around telling everyone that she is his girlfriend!¬†She’s told him on numerous occasions that she wasn’t his girlfriend which made me so sad for him when Jasper told me!

He was really very enamored of her- he even told me a few days ago that I was pretty like Shelby, which I took to be a very high compliment given his level of devotion to her.

Alas, no more.

I joke and make fun but by the time I filmed this I had heard the story several times and it had lost some of it’s pathos. The first time he told me about the incident in the car ride home from daycare he told me he cried and was sad when it happened and I was so heartbroken for him!

My poor little Romeo..here he is in his own words:

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Lynn says:

What a cute kid! What little girl wouldn’t swoon over him? She’s going to realize she made a big mistake in a few years!

Alexandria says:

Well he took it like a champ didn’t he?! LOL

GiGi says:

Oh that little “I love you too” at the end just melted my heart right on the spot. Hope he moves past it quickly.

ariana says:

Thanks Lexie – I do love being mommy right now.. I know I’ll be the one with the broken heart soon! ;)

Bethany, I shot this with my Camera! (Canon 5D Mark II). Most DSLRs these days have awesome video capabilities, but the focusing is difficult, so you need your subject to sit still(ish) which Jasper is just getting to the age where I can do that, so I’ll be shooting a lot more video with my camera I think!

Bethany says:

How adorable!! Jasper is the cutest!
What type of video camera did you use to shoot this? Its so clear!!

Lexie says:

Awe-I’m confident he’ll find another love. Shelby will wish she handled things differently.
I love how he drew the line when something was thrown at him- he doesn’t tolerate that sort of thing!
It’s good to be the mommy because you know that you’ll be his one true love…for a little while longer. Super cute- Thanks for sharing.