Potty Mouth

Two nights ago Jasper was in his PJs downstairs right before bedtime.  I was just getting his milk and water ready to bring up to bed when he looked at me completely panic stricken and said “Mommy, I have to go POOP!”

He caught us totally off guard, a) because we are trying to sell our house his downstairs potty got moved to the basement and b) because it usually takes a massive amount of arm twisting to get him to poop on the potty.   I have no idea what switch went off in his brain that all the sudden gave him the idea that skulking off into a corner to poop in his diaper was not OK anymore and that pooping is to be done on the potty instead but I was more than happy to go with it!

So I picked him up and rushed him upstairs where he sat and waited and finally pooped. It was big and he was proud and we made kind of a big deal about it.

Fast forward to last night at our weekly dinner at our local cheesecake factory with my parents. We are sitting in a booth, and in the booth next to us is a very nice family of four with a 3 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. Once the kids discovered each other, they took turns popping over the divider to tell each other things, each proclamation getting louder and more excited..and then Jasper busts out with:

“I made a BIG POOP on the potty!”

I’m pretty sure it was loud enough for even the patrons in the back of the giant restaurant to hear. The family next to use was dying laughing.  Never a dull moment!

In other news..

My best friend is getting married next year and this weekend is her engagement party in DC. Since I’m the matron of honor (and yes, the word matron makes me feel like an old bag!) we couldn’t miss it.  We went back and forth over what to do with Jasper – bring him and miss much of the party while trying to get him to go to sleep?  Leave Jasper and Jeff home and go to DC alone? In the end we decided to leave him with my parents overnight because 5 hours in the car one day and then again the next is a lot even for a grown up.  Plus, I figure he’s almost three – a night away from us is probably long overdue.  Still, I’m a bit nervous being 5 hours away our first time leaving him overnight!

Wish us luck.

Next week I’m going to do an exciting giveaway – a lifetime membership to Clickin Moms AND sets I, II & III of my wall guides (yes, I finally finished set III!) so make sure to tune in for that one :)

Have a great weekend!

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Cathy Mahoney says:

wow, lots going on with you guys! Have fun and I just read about your surgery- hope everything is fine now! Where are you going to move, why did you decide to sell your beautiful house? I love following your blog, it´s interesting and even though we don´t know each other, it´s a connection to Marks past and friends which is nice :O)
All the best!

Alexandria says:

It does happen JUST like that. My son Phoenix has been great with peeing on the potty but poop was always the hardest. He seemed to wait until he was in a pull up (for nap or bedtime) to do it. But on Mothers Day (of all days) he announced he needed to poop & has been completely consistent ever since.

Sarah says:

Ahh, yes, the excitement of potty training! At a restaurant the other day Finn shouted “I did pee-pee AND poo-poo in the toilet!” at a random man walking by. We definitely want him to feel proud — but still, I almost died.

Bridgette says:

hope you have the best time! cheers!

Janae' Britt says:

i am dying at the restaurant proclamation!! i nearly spit soda out of my nose :)

Sara B says:

Oh, next time you come to DC, we need to schedule a photo session! Please?

ariana says:

Thanks GiGi – we’re going to try. Though we’ll spend the majority of the weekend in the car!!

GiGi says:

enjoy your couple time!!!!