Jasper’s First Art Opening

The cafeteria at the University where I work has a rotating art display and every year the kids from the daycare get a little exhibition. The cutest part was that they brought all the kids with art in the show and walked them up to campus for a milk and cookies opening!


Jasper was a little pooped after the walk up the hill to campus!




That’s Jasper’s canvas – the second from the right on the top row!

And Jasper’s favorite part..


The best part though was taking Jasper to see mommy’s office which he’d never been to before. Luckily for him I just had a printer delivered and there was a big box on the floor to play pirate in!



Or.. just take a little break!

I don’t know if you all know that Jasper’s daddy is an amazing artist – so maybe this will be the first of many art openings in Jasper’s future?

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Kimberly says:

I’d say he’s well on his way to following in Daddy’s footsteps. :) Love this! Love his face!

Ms Baby says:

I wanted to tell you that your blog gave me the confidence to (finally) buy my Canon Rebel. Between your tutorials and the Canon Rebel for Dummies book, I might actually manage to take some decent pictures!

And what inspired me to write this comment after being a silent visitor here for awhile…Jasper’s beautiful face and those precious curls!

Keep writing and I will certainly keep reading.

Thanks so much.

Sarah says:

Great stuff… by both son and husband. I’m very impressed! Thanks for sharing.

Allie says:

just wanted you to know how much i appreciate your photoshop tutorials! i recently got photoshop elements and have spent HOURS learning how to use it and your blog has helped a ton! One question: how do you know how much to sharpen your images for printing? for the web? This is one area that is still a bit fuzzy for me (no pun intended!)
thanks again!
p.s your pictures are beautiful :)

kari says: