First Ordering Session with Organic Bloom Frames!

Two nights ago had my viewing/ordering/sales appointment with the family from this session.  Can you believe how cute he is?


Mom and I really clicked – sometimes you just know from the tone of an email or a phone …

More News from the Infertility Front

I need surgery :(

Ok, it’s outpatient no incision surgery, but still I have to go under general anesthesia which I’ve never done before so I’m a little freaked out! But I’m getting ahead of myself..

(BTW, it feels like …

Jasper’s First Art Opening

The cafeteria at the University where I work has a rotating art display and every year the kids from the daycare get a little exhibition. The cutest part was that they brought all the kids with art in the show …



At almost three, Jasper seems to be approaching just the right age for the “kids say the damdest things” type of utterances..

Like yesterday I had to take Jasper with me to the ATM and I told him we were …

A Teddy Bear Picnic

Yes – I’m still here (are you? – I wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t, I’ve been such a bad blogger!!)

Whenever I get ready to release a new Wall Display product I sort of go into lockdown mode.  It’s …

Mini Soccer = BIG fail.

When I signed Jasper up for the 4 week mini soccer session I guess it was a case of massive over-optimism about his ability to a) enjoy group activities and b) adjust to new situations.

From the second we stepped …