A Quick Trip to Kansas City

Chef Daddy

A quick snap I took before I left!

One of the best things about my template business is that it’s put me in touch with some amazing people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.  From the photographers who use them (I do a little happy dance every time I see a sale come in from a photographer that I’ve always admired!) to people who run websites that I love to read to other vendors who’s product I love – it’s been such a privilege  to get to know and feel a part of the wonderful photography community out there.

But perhaps my favorite connection of all has been getting to know and working with the people at H&H color lab.

I had long since settled on them as my primary print lab by the time I got to know them and I already knew that their quality and outstanding customer service was the best in the business.  But what I DIDN’T know until I met them is what incredibly thoughtful, caring and heartfelt people they are, from Wayne who founded and owns the company right down to every employee who I have had the pleasure of meeting.

When they called to invite me to come to lab in Reystown MO for a strategy/brainstorming session I said yes without hesitation.  I can’t discuss what we were there to brainstorm about (top secret!) but I can tell you that great thought and care goes into every decision H&H makes that affects their customers.  They are completely dedicated to helping their photographers succeed.

If you’re a pro and haven’t opened an account with H&H I strongly encourage you to do so, not just because I think they are the best PEOPLE around, but because their prints are gorgeous!  I tried every other Fuji lab out there and H&H is the only one that didn’t seem to make my subjects too cool. Fuji paper definitely has the tendency to be cooler than Kodak colorwise, I had almost given up and gone back to Kodak until I got my test prints back from H&H.

This post wasn’t meant to be a love letter to H&H, but it’s hard for me to help but gush about them after spending two days out there getting to know them better and see the lab in action. Amazing!

The only downside to the trip was that whatever travel hex that started in San Francisco seems to still be with me.  My flight into Kansas City on Sunday night was diverted  to St. Louis due to INTENSE thunderstorms.. it was pretty frightening. At one point I looked out the window and it was like someone fired a flash in my face – completely blinding!  We landed in St. Louis where we needed to refuel and wait out the storm which we did for 2+ hours – I didn’t arrive at my hotel room until 3am!

Then, my return flight last night was delayed 3 hours due to MORE bad weather (this time in NY). THANK GOD the KC airport had free WiFi and beer you could drink at the gate.. otherwise it would have made for an even longer evening.

But none of that mattered when I came through the door just after 10pm and heard a little voice from upstairs say “Mommy?”  Yes, our little night owl was still awake.. I dropped my bags, threw my coat on the floor and ran up the stairs to the sweetest hugs, smiles and cuddles..”Mommy, you’re here!” he said as he hugged my neck.   Is there any better homecoming than that?

We leave on Friday for Florida… any ideas on how to break that travel curse? I already bought travel insurance ;)

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ariana says:

Kristy, I’m so sad we have to miss it too :(

JB, yes a great age.. if you forget about the fact that he doesn’t listen to a word we say, or the tantrums, or..you know :) But in every other way I do love it!

Karen, yes you do need to be a pro – I should have made that more clear, sorry!

Karen says:

Do you know, do you have to be a pro to get an account at H&H? I have one at WHCC I use for scrapbook stuff, but that is Kodak paper. I would love to try fuji paper.

jbhat says:

Isn’t he at such an awesome age?? What a homecoming.

Eek about your travels. But I too am thinking that the FL trip will go off without a hitch. And hey, so cool that you were included in HH’s top secret strategy session.


Kristy says:

And we will miss you guys at JoJo’s birthday celebration :-(

Kristy says:

Glad you made it home safely! Can’t wait to hear about your trip to FL!

ariana says:

LOL Jenny, fingers crossed for sure! Ask away about lenses!

Thanks Kari, I am really excited for this trip.. can’t WAIT to experience all that “disney magic” through Jasper’s eyes!

kari says:

Great post Ari! You’ve sold me!
And don’t worry about your travel next week… it will be GREAT.
you guys have the best time! i can’t wait to hear all about it and see photos.
p.s. the pic of j&j is priceless!

Have fun, enjoy and let’s keep our fingers crossed no hardware is ingested this trip! I have a lens question for you when you have a spare minute. have fun and way to go on the business side!! Jenny