Everything is Beautiful on Jasper Street..

One little thing that I left out of my novel about my recent trip to San Francisco was that I rushed right from Adobe’s offices (fever and all!) so I could snap a few pictures of Lola before she went off to spend the day with her Daddy.  I had NO idea that Daddy had brought her back this eye-catching little red dress from Spain. We were headed to the park, the outfit really doesn’t make sense in the park, but it DID make sense walking down Jasper street TO the park.

I don’t know if you recall from our previous family trip to San Franciso that I was shocked to discover that my friend Sara’s store was on the corner of Jasper street:

Jasper and Daddy on the corner of Jasper street

and I snapped these shots of Jasper and Jeff and Lola and her Daddy Mando on the way to the park:

This time, we were walking along Jasper street when Sara and Lola ran into a neighborhood acquaintance with a cute little Jack Rusell. (That’s the nice thing about North Beach.. it seems like EVERYONE knows everyone.)

So here is what I got, Lola in her red dress holding the little dog’s red leash with the fabulous baseball murals in the background:

Lola on Jasper Street I

Lola on Jasper Street II

I love how Lola and the dog are making the same expression in the last one! :)

And those are the ONLY two good shots I got.  Between my fever, the time of day with the overhead sun and Lola eating chocolate ice cream, the rest of the shoot wasn’t so hot.  Maybe it’s because we left Jasper street?

Seriously though, local photogs take note – it’s a fabulously photogenic street.. right across from this mural is a wall painted a really nice shade of blue.. great for photos as well!

BTW I edited these with MCPs new Fusion action set.  I normally am not a huge fan of vintage processing, but it seemed to work well on these.

Have a great weekend!

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ariana says:

Thanks all!

Sarah says:

Those last two photos are delicious. It’s inspiring! You make me want to learn more about photography and editing. Finally just got Lightroom; now I just have to find the time to learn how to use it.

Monika says:

Great pictures Ariana. The last two are amazing. I love your composition.

Sara B. says:

Wow, these are ADORABLE! LOVE, love the pictures!

Jaymi says:

I love the light in the first shot and the colors in the last ones! beautiful!

Alexandria says:

Wow. Lola is one stylish little lady. I love her little dress. When ever I see anything with the name “Phoenix” I have to snap a picture of it & I get all geeky.

kari says:

so cute ari!

ariana says:

Thanks Gayle, you are much too kind :)

GayleV says:

Ariana–even if they are on the only 2 cute shots you got, they are gorgeous!! And the fact that they are both sticking their tongues out on the last one is just PERFECTION!! You do amazing things with people–fever and all!