Im in San Francisco!

I'ts only been 12 hours and I miss this little face so much!

I know, I know, I meant to blog about it ahead of time, but the paci post and the Valentine shoot etc I just didn’t have time.   But I’m here, at a “girl’s getaway”  sponsored by Adobe Lightroom for shooting and instruction with Julianne Kost (the Lightroom evangelist!)

So tomorrow we go walk around SF shooting all day (landscapes I guess- um, I have NO idea how to shoot anything but people LOL!) and Friday we have a traning with Julianne in the morning. Except I just realized that I brought my camera, and my laptop, but no way to transfer the images from my camera TO my laptop. Oops. I guess I will have to hope someone else was a better packer than I was and I can borrow their camera cord!

Anyhow, so far the trip has been nice and less eventful than to San Antonio – no trips to the ER for Jasper so far!

Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with some nice shots of SF, if I can find a camera cord that is :)

Oh, and if you have any LR questions for Julianne, let me know!

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ariana says:

LOL Sofia! I can never remember the heart combination :) Thanks so much for the very kind words, question mark and all!

Miz boo – so great to meet you xoxo!

Sofia says:

the above was supposed to type ‘we heart your blog!! (with heart symbol instead of word). It looks like ‘we question your blog’ lol:)
it was first time i learnt to type ‘heart’ symbol and decided to leave a comment and messed it up, sorry:)))

Sofia says:

Ariana, just wanted to say ‘happy valentine’s day!! we ? your blog!! :)

Miz boo says:

Hi! Just wanted to see if you got home safely.
It was wonderful to meet you.
Rest up, get drugs, and get well soon!
Love donna

ariana says:

@Mary, no, not with the CF cards that the Mark II uses :( My rebel used an SD card and my laptop DOES have a slot for that! The good news though is that the Adobe people are SUPER prepared and brought extra card readers: yay!

@JB, do it LOL! Don’t be too jealous though – I’m sick as a dog (what else is new??)

@Kari, I know.. :(

@ Lolli – um, how come you never mentioned to me today that you commented on my blog?? :) xoxo

So far it’s been so much FUN!!

kari says:

oh… you are SO CLOSE.. but so far away!

have fun!!

jbhat says:

Are you trying to tell me that you get to stay by yourself in a hotel again?

I need to take up photography.


I’m here, too! And I’ve got a few different card readers that you can hook up to your laptop. I’ve made that mistake a few too many times, so I came prepared. They’ll will be in my beautiful new camera bag and you are welcome to borrow one! Can’t wait to meet in a few hours!

Mary says:

Are you not able to remove your memory card from your camera and place it in a slot in your laptop? I lost my camera cord long ago, so this is how I always get my pictures onto my computer.

Have a great time…can’t wait to see your shots!