Boutique Valentine’s Day Card Design

If you were  masochist enough to attempt reading my giant post about ImagingUSA, you will remember that I reported that die cut cards were EVERYWHERE now (not just Miller’s Luxe anymore!)  which is great news for those of us that want to have a variety of labs to choose from.

As soon as I saw it, I knew that one of the sample shapes I picked up at Imaging would make the PERFECT Valentine’s Day card –  the 5×5 scalloped shape and Miller’s Luxe and WHCC boutique cards now have them. I had big plans to design the cards but was worried that like many of my big plans I would never get around to it… but fate intervened in the form of an email blast from WHCC saying their boutique cards are on winter sale until Feb 7th (that’s today!) at midnight. (It’s amazing how a sale manages to motivate, no matter how much or little is actually being saved :)

So I sat down and designed something cute and retro that would work well for the cookie baking images and came up with this:

Here it is closer up:

back (yes, I did change the name before printing LOL!)

valentine's day card template front


As you can see, I designed it so it can also be used as a 5×5 plain edge card from pretty much any lab (double check with yours though to ensure compatibility!)  I also tried to keep the color scheme gender neutral, so I think it works equally well for girls and boys and with color OR black and white:

The design template is available in my online store for $12 if you are interested.  Or, if you have time and inclination to create your own design you can download the blank templates from WHCC here.   Don’t forget that the winter sale ends tonight at midnight..I ordered one pack of 25 with the pearl finish and it came to about $25 instead of the $30 it would be regularly.  Not bad for $1 a card.  I plan on putting them in Jasper’s daycare classmate’s cubbies.  It’s perfect because he IS such a little Romeo.. he has crushes on all the older girls in his new preschool class! Growing up way too fast….

Speaking of which, stay tuned tomorrow for the incredible story of how we managed to prey on Jasper’s neurosis and got him to ditch his Paci with a simple gesture..(how’s THAT for a cliffhanger???)

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Anna Zatopek says:

Thanks Ariana. I will give it a shot!

ariana says:

Hi Anna, they are just on their own layer that you can turn off (click the eye icon next to the instructions layer) or delete!

Anna Zatopek says:

This is a completely dumb question, but can I ask you how you didt the preview from the whcc templates without having to work around their template instructions? There are things I miss in PS and I should totally know them, but I have three kids and brain is wiped out.

Alexandria says:

Those look great & Jasper looks so handsome in that picture.

Monika says:

This card is so cute. I love the colors. It goes perfectly with your photos.

Cole says:

Mommy will *definitely* be checking back because she’s beginning to feel like I will be packing pacis when i go away to college… Those cards are adorable – puts to shame all of those ones that come in perforated sheets!

We are in Rockland, too – would you be interested in a play date? Or lunch?