Valentine’s Day Photosessions

After about a month’s worth of planning, I finally executed the Valentine’s Day cookie baking photoshoot this past weekend!

I had toyed with the idea of doing mini sessions this year with the set up, but I just have too much on my plate right now to commit to editing and designing cards for a ton of sessions. Instead I will use the photos to market the mini sessions for next year!

Nearly the whole weekend was devoted to this, Saturday morning we went to Ikea so I could buy the little table (it’s actually just the lack side table!) and Saturday afternoon my best friend and culinary school graduate Alexis came over to my mom’s house and we baked and decorated the cookies.

Sunday, the day of the shoot, we had to bring the kitchen, the table, Jasper and all my props over to my parents’ house so we could shoot in the vacant apartment above their house. Here’s where Jeff deserves a HUGE thank you for, among other things, carying that 90 lb play kitchen up and down several flights of stairs  in the snow!   I couldn’t have done it without him, and he didn’t even roll his eyes once, so thanks babe!

I had bought several props that Jasper flat out refused to wear, including a super cute chef’s hat and coat. I was lucky he even wore the red tie – not very willingly -and the apron for 3 shots.  (I got the checkered shirt with tie from H&M!) The other problem were the little cookies we made with the red sugar on top. Those were the first ones Jasper ate and not only were they getting red sugar EVERYWHERE but they instantly turned his mouth blood red. He looked like a vampire!  I told him we’d eat those cookies later and to eat one of the other ones – but of course he only wanted to eat those because he couldn’t have them.  He actually started crying hysterically, which made me start panicking – I couldn’t believe this whole shoot was in jeopardy over some stupid red sugar!  Jeff finally managed to calm him down and Jasper settled into following our instructions on how to make the cookies.

This is where the set up is brilliant, kids LOVE to make pretend so it was incredibly easy to get them to cooperate and stay put as we told them to stir the heart shaped bowl, roll out the cookie dough, put the cookies in the oven etc.

Here are some of the shots of Jasper – his face never really recovered from the bright red die, but you can’t tell too much: (see my photography website for bigger better versions of these photos!)

Then, it was time for nap. After nap, Sophia (Jasper’s friend from Gymboree) came over to get in on the action. How cute does she look in that apron and her little bow headband?

Now, all I have to do is design some cute little cards.. I’m thinking maybe the new 5×5 scalloped die cut cards from Simply Color Lab and the tagline “I’m Sweet on You” or something.

If anyone wants to know, I have details of where I got all the props in this post. And I have to give credit again to Sandy Wegerman for her brilliant idea and the inspiration for this shoot. Thanks Sandy!

And a happy early Valentine’s Day to all….xoxo.

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Stephanie says:

So, so, so cute!!!!!!!!!!

Sara says:

These are so adorable, what a cute idea!

stacy burt says:

LOVE these shots! I am doing Valentine Photobooth mini-sessions as well – but I have to say, I am really diggin’ your bright red play kitchen instead of the seamless paper & props I have planned! and of course Jasper looks a-dorable! Nice job :)

molly says:

OMG, so amazing. I love it. Seriously, Jasper could make you some REAL money. He just SCREAMS baby model to me. I mean, if you’re into that sort of thing ;)

jbhat says:

You are so dang creative! LOVE these. Grandmas everywhere will die (not literally) over how cute they are when they get them from their little ones in the mail. OMG. LOVE!


Jessica says:

I am so in love with each and every photo here. Wow. What beautiful children, light, set, props, etc!

Love it.

One thing that is great about a red kitchen set is that it can work with almost any holiday. Christmas, Valentines, even Easter or Halloween with the right props.

Jasper is too darn cute.

Melissa M. says:

LOVE this session! Perfection.

Kimberly says:

These are just priceless! :)

Alexandria says:

You and I must have similar taste because Jasper always has the same clothes my Phoenix has. LOL.

Elizabeth says:

These photos are SO SO adorable. The children look adorable baking up some heart cookies. Love that Kitchen too!

GiGi says:

Absolutely AMAZING! You brought this off with amazing flair! Jasper is a doll and looks so cute in that tie. And Sophia looks like she’s ready for the cover of Better Homes and Garden or something! Great job! I can’t wait to see card designs. :+)