Recipe for a Valentine’s Day Photoshoot

I haven’t done a photoshoot with Jasper for a long time. Way too long, like since late October for our Christmas card! So when Sandy Wegerman posted a few photos she took for her Vday mini session preview, I knew that this was something I want to recreate with Jasper.  Ok, “recreate” is a bit of a euphamism in this case for outright copycating, but I hope Sandy takes it as flattery for the brilliance and creativity of this idea!

So, here is the “recipe” that I have come up with for the shoot:


1 ) Inspiration: Valentine’s Day Cookie Baking shoot by Sandy Wegerman of Lucky Ladybug Photography:

(All images taken by Sandy and used her with her permission.)

2) A kitchen!  Sandy’s mother in Law found this adorable one at a garage sale for $10! I guess it’s not “lucky ladybug” for nothing :)  But any kitchen will do, I of course plan on using Jasper’s new Ree Retro Kitchen which couldn’t be a more perfect color: (it also comes in pink!)

2) Outfit for the little one.  Sandy’s daughter’s apron is just perfect! Jeff only mildly protested that Jasper’s kitchen was a girl’s toy, but I think I might be pushing my luck by putting Jasper in a pink apron.  Instead I ordered this cute little Melissa & Doug’s chef’s outfit:

I also ordered this cute red apron on sale at Kohls for just $9.99 in case I end up doing mini sessions or any girl shoots with the set up:

It says on the site that it’s reversable, though they don’t show a picture. Sounds cute though and you can’t beat the price.

3) Accessories, accessories accessories!  Target to the rescue.. I scored a heart shaped red mixing bowl, red and pink heart shaped plates, those xoxo blocks (which also reverse to say things like hugs and love etc) heart measuring spoons like the ones in the inspiration images and some other stuff that I can’t even remember at the moment. It kind of looks like cupid threw up all over the target seasonal dollar spot section, so you won’t be disappointed if you go there looking for Valentine’s day stuff!

4 ) Combine child, kitchen and accessories in a well lit room, adjust to taste.   Shoot until toddler melt’s down and cools off.

5) Enjoy (and let me know how it turns out!)

I still have a few things left to find, like a small table – we have the small chairs from ikea, but not table. Not sure we have room for one or want to buy one just for this shoot so we’ll see. The other prop of course is the cookies themselves! I figure we’ll start early one morning, bake the cookies and then shoot and decorate a few hours later when they are ready. That way it’s a fun activity all around and not just another torture-by-photography session.

I originally had planned on offering mini sessions with the set up, but given the short time-line to Valentine’s day and me leaving for ImagingUSA this weekend I don’t think it’s realistic. But, I’m hoping that if I decide to do it next year I’ll have some great promo shots! :)

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Laura Rose says:

Love the tie on jasper!!! great shots. Maybe we should do the playdate at your house with that lovely kitchen- Olivia would just be in heaven!

Kristy says:

SOOOOO cute!

Heather says:

It’s going to be so cute!
We have the Melissa & Doug conductor outfit, and it’s so cute!

crystal says:

Sounds adorable! Can’t wait to see your shoot with him!

I LOVE that chef apron! (so much that I just bought one) so consider the flattery returned!

Can’t wait to see how your photos turn out. That kitchen is TDF and red is the best color. :)

Yolanda says:

Very lovely concept. Has my wheels turning of ways to adapt this and make it my own. Thank you for sharing it with us.

gotta try to locate.. that was 7 years ago! I do have a hard copy of the card that I sent to all the family. I will scan it :)

ariana says:

Jenny, you have to post a link to those pics now!!

Meggin says:

What a fantastic idea–Thanks! I think I will try with Kirk and Fiona. Can’t wait to see you pictures:)

OMG! I was jotting down notes to and from “kid pickup” today about the same thing!!! What a cute idea… I just wish I had little ones that still had kitchen sets.. I may do a spin off with LOTS of candy. I did a Valentine series of Russell when he was maybe 2. Sat him on a stool in front of a nicely lit door. Handed him a hug wrapped Hershey’s Kiss.. the rest was history. The best shot was the surprise look on his face when he found out it was really a BIG one in the foil wrapper.

Lindsey says:

Can’t wait to see! What a cute idea!