Photoshop Tutorial: Selective Leveling

I first learned this method of improving local contrast from Damien in a thread he posted on ILP.  If you don’t already know about Damien’s blog, he’s got some really great posts and tutorials about everything from post processing to calibrating your monitor. Definitely worth a look!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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Kelli says:

Wow, that was helpful! So much easier than what I was doing…Thanks Ariana!

Kelly says:

This was great! Thank you for sharing! I’m loving your blog. Just found it a few days ago and it’s been so very helpful,

daria says:

I would level everything and then mask and delete the areas that were too dark or too light. This is such a better way of doing things, thank you for the tutorial!

Claudia W. says:

Sorry I’m on my phone, damn auto type! Hope you can understand what I’m saying.

Claudia W. says:

Hey I’m here! Lol. I love levels! I us it on almost all my pictures. Try always seem to lack contrast. Never thought of using the selective tool though. I have been masking back, but your way is so much more easier. Love your tutorials Ariana! Keep them coming!

I just found your blog and I’m loving it! I’m your newest follower.

Happy New Year! = )

Hpalma says:

Thank you so much Ariana! Very cool and useful!

ariana says:

Thanks guys, I’m glad at least two people are still reading my blog LOL! :)

megan says:

love the tutorial! major ‘a-ha” for me! thanks for being so generous with your knowledge!