2010 Holiday Gift Guide!

Thanks so much to all of you who contributed suggestions. I couldn’t list everything here, but I wish I could because you all had wonderful ideas!! Here is just a quick list of what caught my eye off of my own list and yours.  Please feel free to comment and add additional ideas!


I was rather surprised that #1 on many of your lists was…..

An Amazon Kindle!

I’m only surprised because – how/when do you all find the time to read LOL?  I’ve managed to read TWO books since Jasper was born, and one was on our vacation while Jeff was watching Jasper across the airplane aisle  :)  But, kudos to you all for being so literate! You deserve a nifty cool gadget to help you escape your whining toddler the real world!

Now, for those of you who still like to read actual BOOKS (remember those?) I have to put a plug in for my parents’ website hookmarks.  The recession has been hard on the Becoming-grandparents and they could really use a boost! Aside from that, they really do make FABULOUS gifts as there is a style that fits pretty much any theme/hobby!

A JoTote Camera bag $89
You all know how I feel about mine, at least I think you do.. if  you don’t, here was my review!

Many of you said you wanted a DSLR or lenses. First of all, awesome! Welcome to the dark side :)

Nikon just came out with the D7000 which from everything I’ve read is a fantastic camera. The Canon Digital Rebels are also always a good choice (and what I started with!)

Just remember the kit lenses are almost universally CRAP and you should probably be buying the body only and getting yourself the 50mm 1.8 which seems to be the universal “starter” lens!  Now, personally, I never loved the 50mm on a crop sensor which is what these cameras are. A wider angle like the Sigma 30mm 1.4 will serve you MUCH better, but it is definitely more of an investment.   If all those numbers sound like greek to you, you might want to take a look at this post I did a while ago explaining the mysterious language of lenses!


For handmade couture jewelry, check out my mom’s etsy site:

Sally Daner Designs

I wear those middle hoop earrings EVERY DAY (yes, that’s me in the product picture :)

Or, if you love charms, see Charmed & Dangerous, the store that mom & I started together a few years ago.

Ok, that’s the last time I plug a family business, I promise!


Gadgets usually top the list for dad, so it was no surprise to me when Jeff requested this:

Keurig Single-Cup Home-Brewing System

I’m not sure that this is necessarily more for him than you, but hey, bonus if you like his gift too right?

X-Mini MAX II Capsule Speakers

Following in the theme of things for him that YOU will like too, these portable mini speakers have really great sound for something so small (and cute!). I use these for my in person ordering sessions to show the client their slideshow. MUCH better than my laptop’s built in speakers! Plus, they are USB rechargeable!

Bose Noise Canceling  Headphones

More than one of you said your husbands asked for these, so I figured you were on to something :)

Susan suggested these custom made map cufflinks from tomatomade on Etsy and I just thought they were so cool and unique!  $38


L’il DaVinci Store & Display Art Cabinet (also available at Target!)

Susan also suggested this gift for grandparents (or aunts, or uncles) that I think is just SO clever! It’s a picture frame that doubles as art storage.  It’s even better when paired with an “art of the month” coupon like Susan suggested where you can promise to provide a new art project to display ever so often. Brilliant!


We’re getting Jasper this cute retro play kitchen – really reasonable and the reviews say it’s small, which is perfect for those of us who don’t have tons of space!

Red Retro Kitchen – $99.

Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera $38.95

Not surprisingly, Jasper is quite interested in taking pictures! I’ve got an iPhone full of his “creations” so I’m hoping this one will be a big hit!

Schoenhut 30″ Acoustic Guitar $43.82

If you’ve seen his rendition of Sweet Caroline you know Jasper loves music.  Unfortunately the el cheapo little guitars we have for him don’t hold tune.. which means they drive mommy NUTS!

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Folding Medieval Castle $59.50

He’s gotten really into castles and knights lately, and this set would be perfect for some great imaginative play!

Continuing on the castle theme, My Very Own Castle Playhouse

or regular house!

Melissa & Doug Joey Magnetic Dress-Up Doll.

Jasper LOVES this toy.. I picked it up on a whim at gymboree class and he’s played with it every day since.  The magnetic clothing is such a clever twist on the classic “paper doll.”  The girl version is even better because it comes with TWO characters!

Anything from Blabla’s online store of handmade items.. Lourdes recommended this shop and is getting the mozart the monkey for her son Wes, but I fell in love with pretty much everything they carry!

A fun, funky hip belt from My Baby Belts! Jasper has the one pictured above and this black studded one:

I swear I get more people asking me where I got these than any other item in his wardrobe! They are just $18 and really well made, I was thrilled with how soft the leather was.

Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Kit – $10.99

When my friend Alex gave this to Jasper for his second birthday, I was a bit skeptical that Jasper would actually be able to use it – or that we could use it indoors. So it took me a while to actually assemble and try it out. But now it’s one of Jasper’s FAVORITE toys!  The rockets are soft foam and won’t damage your ceilings because they are super light weight, so it’s definitely fine as an indoor OR outdoor toy.

Cathy is getting this classic Metal Firetruck Speedster for Maddox. We don’t have enough room in our house for another ride on toy, but if we did I know Jasper would LOVE this one too!

Forrest Friends First Puzzle available at Amazon or Pottery Barn kids.

Another second birthday gift that I was a little skeptical about.. I just didn’t think Jasper could do a real puzzle yet, but shockingly, he can!  He doesn’t always get them all right away, but it builds his problem solving and spatial skills and he really loves them.

Many of the above products are admittedly toddler centric. If you have a younger baby, or are just looking for more great gift ideas, check out last year’s Holiday Gift Guide for additional suggestions!

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Maria says:

Great ideas, thanks for putting this together! Happy holidays to you guys! -M

Fiona says:

Love the gift guide – thanks! I got a pro-sumer/hybrid a year ago now I want a DSLR….naughty Ariana putting ideas into my christmassy head! Will have to save…..

Merry Christmas to you and yours. I love you blog and check it every day. I hope the New Year brings you all that you dream of.

Fiona x

Alexandria says:

I have to totally jump on board with E-readers! I have a Nook and love it! I’ve had it since October and just managed to finish the book last night :-/ I don’t get to read like I used to, but I still love it.