Lightroom 3 Week Kickoff – Free Rounded Corners Preset!

I’ve deciding that this week will be the “week of Lightroom 3” here at becoming mom. Several things converged having to do with Lightroom this week that make it worth celebrating!

1) The imminent release  of the LR3 plugin for my Wall Display Guides!!! (more on that soon…)

2) Lightroom 3 is currently on sale at Amazon for a ridiculously low price (you have to click on “other options” on the right to see that low price sold from amazon)- I have no idea how long that will last but I suggest you jump on it if you have any funds left after Black Friday/CyberMonday!

3) I’ve had several requests recently for LR3 to PS workflow tips.

4) I have a copy of LR3 to giveaway to one lucky reader!

The giveaway will go up tomorrow, but I wanted to kick off LR week today (yes, our LR3 week is starting on a Tuesday – I’m late even to my own blog posts!) with a super cool tip/trick that I am offering as a free preset – Black and White rounded corners!

Until I came across this neat little trick posted by Denis Page  in the Lightroom Users ForumI had NO idea LR3 could do this in one click!

Pretty awesome right?

I’m offering both black and white rounded corners as as a free preset,  but because this is Becoming Mom and you know I’m all about tutorials,  I’m going to show you how you achieve this effect in LR and how you can even customize it and make your own preset!

Click HERE to download the free rounded corners presets.

Please post any and all of your LR3 questions here so I know what to address in the coming days.. if I don’t know the answer, I bet I can find someone who will.

Also, if you love this tip and the download, I’d appreciate you spreading the word via facebook or a tweet using the handy little icons you see right below :)

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Wall Display Templates for Photographers

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lynet says:

Genius! Thanks so much!

katie says:

no not lame!! setting a preset is a great learning! you do a fab job of sharing info, thankyou!

ariana says:

Katie, how lame that I didn’t know that! Oh well, at least now everyone knows how to create their own from scratch LOL!

katie says:

oh, and the 3.2 print module can do black paper/background colour now too, so ‘printing’ as jpegs with these corners looks great!

katie says:

Hi :) I’ve just upgraded to lr3.2 and found the corner presets already in the lightroom presets section – called edge effects – rounded corners! so stoked when i found these, love em! just wondering if the presets upgrade each time?

Amy says:

BRILLIANT!! As soon as you said you would show us I went “oh, WAIT, I bet you can do this with the vignette!” Awesome share, what a neat little add, thanks so much for the info.

Carolyn says:

Thank you for this!

Sue says:

Thank you so much. Love the tutorial as well.

ariana says:

Angela, no regrets, the LR3 is a plugin, not a stand alone version! You need the Photoshop templates for it to work :) My recommendation is to familiarize yourself with the photoshop version because you’ll use that knowledge even with the LR3 plugin when changing backgrounds and colors!

Staci – stay tuned, tomorrow I go over that in a video review with the giveaway!

Michelle, I learned by watching Adobe’s video tutorials that I think are really great:

Caroline says:

thanks, Ariana! i’d love to know what post-processing/retouching techniques you do in LR and what post processing/retouching techniques you reserve for PS (hence, your workflow from LR to PS). I don’t want to duplicate stuff I do in LR and in PS, so I’m just wondering what you find works well for LR, and what works best in PS.


Hi Ariana:) How did you learn to use LightRoom? Did you take a class or did you learn mostly from forums/boards online? Thanks! <3

Angela Boone says:

Darn it! I just bought the big package for Photoshop because I love your stuff so much but problem is… I’m a Lightroom gal and hardly know how to use Photoshop :( I’m anxious to see this and see if I can persuade you to let me exchange products!! ;)

Staci says:

Hi! Thanks so much for the preset! I keep hearing how awesome the noise reduction in LR3 is. I’m interested in learning more about how to do noise reduction on an image.

ariana says:

Kimberly – Yes, of course it is (smacking head!) I guess I was anticipating that no one reads anything I post until the next morning if I post after 10am LOL!

Amarie, I touch on this briefly in tomorrows post/video but I personally do my sharpening in PS using the unsharp mask. I DO use the LR sharpening on export to prepare files to send to the printer, in which case I just select sharpen for print, standard amount. I don’t do any other “creative sharpening” in LR other than the default that occurs on import!

Amarie says:

Hi! I’m interested in learning the best use of the sharpening tool in LR3. I use the presets and the sliders, but I really don’t see a difference. I actually get a better result with the Clarity tool. And I have NO idea how to use the radius tool in conjuction with the slider. Heeelp! :-)

Lourdes says:

What a nice giveaway!

I also just found out that if you are a full-time student or a staff or faculty member at an accredited school, you can get Lightroom 3 or Photoshop CS5 at a heck of a discount! LR3 sells for $89 I think and Photoshop for around $200. You just have to provide them with proof (school ID, etc.). I think it’s time to upgrade for sure!

Photography by Jacqueline sent me!

Kimberly says:

Isn’t today Tuesday? ;)
Awesome plan… I love LR3 and want it BADLY…
and I’ve missed you!

Lindsey says:

Thank you! I just ordered LR3 from Amazon. I’m going to need some serious help with it but I’m so excited! What an awesome price!

Emily says:

I love love love you! Thank you for the preset!