Image Boxes: My New Favorite Product!

On one of my photography boards I kept reading rave reviews of image boxes and how much their clients loved them.  As in once they saw them they HAD to have them.   Honestly, I didn’t quite understand all the appeal of “a box” and kind of filed it away in the “studio samples I need to order someday” pile.

But recently I decided to revisit my pricing and add a barebones digital collection.  Previously, my only collection that included all the digital files was my most expensive and also included a 10×10 coffee table album,  a large canvas and 3 accordion minis.  Now, for only $600 more than my new “digital collection” this is actually a great deal, but I started to think maybe there was a certain type of client who might not want all those “extras” and this digital collection would suit them perfectly.

One of the dilemmas about selling digital files is the likelihood that our clients will print the images at walmart, cvs or god knows what other lab that will result in a less than desirable representation of our work so I knew I wanted to  provide a “reference print” along with the digital files.  At least that way my clients don’t have to take my word for it that the quality from a pro lab is like night and day compared to a pharmacy lab!

An image box just seemed like the perfect way to present/store those reference prints for the client.   After much procrastination,  I finally got around to designing one as a studio sample and chose WHCC because I liked the magnetic closure, fabric backing and elastic/button closure and ribbon.  As a last option I chose the metallic finish and wondered if I’d regret it…

I just got the box in the mail on Friday and I am IN LOVE with it.  Like it sits on my desk and I can’t stop staring at it in love!  I often use images of Jasper for my studio samples because that way I can actually USE them too, so I used the fall pictures I took last month.. it won’t come through in these image (and I suck at product photography!) but the golden color of the leaves is this beautiful deep shimmery gold, and the orange/red leaves too.. it’s just gorgeous and I’m so excited to share these with my clients!

Ok, finally – the images!






you can see at the bottom how the image wraps to the inside..









This is the 5×7 250 image box (a selling point to clients is that they can store their own images too as their child grows), but I haven’t decided yet if I will be doing mounted prints with a border vs. plain luster 5x7s.. I’d like to keep the COG down, but I also love the idea of mounted prints. I’m not sure how many mounted prints would fit though.. anyone know?  I’d love to hear what/if/how you all include image boxes in your collections!

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Lisa says:

Are people mainly selling these only as part of a digital package, or does anyone sell them on their own, meaning offering just the box with mounted prints?
That’s what I have tried to do but so far no one has shown any interest in them!
When I redo my price list I am thinking either to take them off or to offer them as an upgraded digital package.

ariana says:

Lauren – I think I’ll stick my clear hubs that I use for my cds on their too!

Victoria, WHCCs linen also prints VERY magenta – I won’t order those ever again. I wonder how many mounted prints will fit in the 250 box. I love the easel option too, forgot about that! Definitely try the metallic box.. you will love it!

Staci, I showed it for the first time last night to a client and she loved it.

Emily, L lenses can be used on any camera, it’s the the EFS lenses that are mean for crop sensors and can’t be used on full frame without heavy vignetting. As for why L is better – that’s way beyond my techinical expertise (or lack there of) but its better materials, better mechanisms, better engineering basically!

Susana, I’m going to point you to Inspire me Baby’s what to wear guides for inspiration!

Also, check out:

Susana says:

Hi Ariana…you are so awesome and Jasper is ADORABLE. A random question for you. What would you recommend that we wear for a family Christmas portrait (mom, dad, toddler)? I think we’re going to go to a park and either use a tripod or have my sister shoot us unless I can convince my husband to spring for a real photographer. I am envisioning a plaid tie on my husband, a plaid onesie for my son under overalls, and ???? for me? Do you think this is too cheesy? If you have any tips for shooting holiday pictures (pictures for holiday cards), would love to hear them. thank you!

Emily says:

Hey Ariana, Thanks so much for this info – I have a camera question – I am a little confused about the different levels of camera bodies and the lenses that go with them – for example – which camera bodies use the L series lens and why are they so much crisper/brighter? When you have the time, could you do a post on this topic? Thank you!! Emily

Staci says:

Lovely!!!! I just love your design. Yes. I ordered my first metallic 4×6 image box from WHCC this past spring. It comes in handy. I put all the images that I take of my boys around the house in the image box. It’s already filled to the top with prints. I did a vendor booth at my church for a big event and displayed the image box on the booth table with my personal images in it. It was a HUGE hit!!!! Most people have never seen an image box before. I had one client who loved her image box so much, she didn’t even want to take it out the wrapping to display it. She was afraid visitors would mess it up as they were opening it to look at the prints. I told her that it kind of defeats the purpose *smile* She just adored it!

Victoria says:

I’ve always ordered my 4×6 {100} image boxes from WHCC; however, I order the prints with linen from MpixPro as I think WHCC’s linen texture is too much. I’m thinking about including the 5×7 box with 20 mounted prints and an easel to display as an upgrade option. I’ve read a few different photogs mention including 20-25 mounted prints. I’ve never tried the metallic though…might have to!

lauren says:

I just ordered my first image box as well and I LOVE IT. I wanted a little something extra for when clients ordered a disc and just knew this was perfect. I ordered the 5×7 box from mpixpro and it looks great… and it even comes with a CD hub on the inside cover to put the CD. Can’t wait to deliver this to the client… and order my studio sample! :)

Julie says:

I love this! I have a family photo I wanted to order…and might just order an image box instead…this would be great for a senior, baby, even a child to put in keepsakes:)