Jasper Gets a Big Boy Haircut at the Barber..

I had planned on doing a review/giveaway for a Jotote camera bag today, but instead Jasper and I got stranded at home this morning with a dead car battery.  THANK GOD AAA had people that will not only come out to jumpstart your car, but will also battery test and install a new one if necessary – saved me from having to go to the mechanic, or getting stranded somewhere or both!  So anyway – Jotote will be tomorrow instead. In the meantime, I have to show you what I came home to yesterday..

I had a looooooong (but awesome!) newborn shoot and got home around 4pm, Jasper was still napping.  I knew Jeff had taken Jasper to the barber with him to get his haircut, but I DIDN’T know that Jeff was going to get Jasper’s hair cut too.. I mean we had talked about maybe getting him a trim because his hair gets in his eyes and annoys him sometimes, but I was NOT expecting to have him wake up from nap, say “mommy I got a HAIRCUT!” and look like this:

(crappy iPhone photo!)

I don’t know what’s worse, that he looks like such a big boy and that his curls are gone or that it looks like he cut it himself!! Jeff thinks the barber did a great job, but to me it look s like the time my sister got a hold of the scissors and did a number on her Sasha doll.

In any event, the end result is that Jasper now looks like 2.25 going on 10 and it’s going to take a bit of getting used to for mommy – I miss his baby curls.   Particularly after handling an itty bitty newborn all day, it made me incredibly sensitive and emotional about the whole thing!  Most people solve this by having another (seriously, I feel like EVERYONE just gave birth to their second!) but I don’t know if that is in the cards for us. . in the meantime, it’s just another in the long string of lessons in letting go.

Tune in for the amazing camera bag giveaway tomorrow!

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Joelle says:

I dread the first hair cut!! It makes the baby go away, but he still looks so cute!

ariana says:

I couldn’t agree more JB!

jbhat says:

I know what you mean. Every time my mother sees our little one, she asks when we are going to trim her hair and I get all bristly. Never! Baby hair is sacred! Step away from the scissors!

But Jasper looks seriously cute, and the good thing about hair is that it grows.


Sun Lilly says:

I understand what you mean about losing his curls. I have 3 boys and my husband always wants their hair sooo short. I think it’s a military thing. Boys hair do grow fast, so you will see the curls sooner than you realize. Enjoy your little guy mine is turning 7 and I still think of him as a baby.

Nakai says:

He looks so cute!!! So grown up too! (I know its hard to see him look older.) Although I like his new ‘do… I was very fond of his curls. But thankfully, they will grow back. :)

ariana says:

@Pam – I have very curly hair so I think they will grow back (if not during the winter then definitely when it gets humid again!) otherwise I would really have a meltdown :)

I love “got it right the first time!”

@Cole, Jasper got his first cut at Tiny Trims in Nanuet and they did a better job of keeping it long – I wasn’t traumatized afterwards LOL.

Cole says:

We know a ton of people having their second, too. I just got my first haircut from Kids Kuts in the Nanuet Mall… I think J looks adorable – but those haircuts make SUCH a difference and age us babies so much!

Pam says:

Love his haircut! I have a 22 month old girl with curls, which I think once I cut her hair will be gone… boo hoo! (I plan to wait as long as I can to cut it!) So I know what you mean about his curls. There’s something about babies & curls that is so darn cute.
Oh, and we’re One & Done! I feel like I’m a way better mom when I’m not stressed. I don’t handle stress and change very well. Plus, we tell people we got it right the first time ;)

kari says:

awweee, he looks adorable… it’s hard to let go of the “baby” in them though.
we went to a 2 y.o. bday party over the weekend for one of the little boys from the moms group i used to go to. All have either had #2 or are prego now. One one hand, I think about how much easier it is with just one.. as I watch the moms struggle with feeding the little one with one eye on the toddler praying there is no meltdown…on the other hand – those little newborns are just so precious, and there is something about they way they smell… and that skin is SO soft… The time is fleeting – isn’t it?

anne marie says:

in six weeks he will have curls again. it’s adorable but i miss the curls too!