Fall Photoshoot

Last Sunday I decided that it was the perfect day to take Jasper out to do some fall images with the hope that I’d come up with something I liked enough to use for our holiday card. I had been toying with the idea of doing it this weekend, but when I realized the high was going to be nearly 70 I got motivated – I hate being cold!

I had SUCH a hard time finding the right thing for Jasper to wear.  I went to Old Navy thinking I’d get a cute puffer vest or something but they were completely sold out of 2T sizes in everything. In the end, I decided on the cute mock turtleneck shirt I bought at Zara kids in LA (the Zaras on the eastcoast don’t have kids sections so I made sure to hit that up when we were in CA!) and his baby Gap “skinny jeans.” Originally I had wanted something a bit brighter, but the olive worked nicely with the reds in the leaves.

Normally shoots with Jasper are exhausting and frustrating because two  is a tough age – he pretty much just runs around without stopping the whole time.  But Daddy was an excellent baby wrangler – most of the shots you see here Jeff was behind me gathering leaves to drop on my head which Jasper found hysterical!

The ones at the end in the hat, I told Jasper that if he stood REALLY still maybe the Gruffalo (a favorite story character) would come out of the woods. That was worth about 10 shots!

I am really happy that we took the time to do a real “photoshoot” with Jasper, he’s at such a crossroads between baby and kid and I just want to freeze these moments in time so I remember him at this age forever…

Here’s my little charmer (getting him to STOP running down this road and look at mommy was nearly impossible!)

One thing I learned during this shoot is that dark backgrounds make for so much richer b&w conversions as well as better backlit shots!  I often do backlighting against the sky, but then you lose that beautiful rim of light around the subject.

The dark red leaves look make this look great in b&w too:

I shot all of these with the 70-200 wide open at around 2.8..I think next time I do backlighting I’m going to try closing down my ap a bit to get less haze and see how that works!

PS: Doesn’t Jasper here:

look just like me here?

That was for Jeff who refuses to acknowledge that Jasper doesn’t get ALL his looks from him! The cute thing is that whenever Jasper sees a picture of “baby mommy” and we ask him who it is he says “Jasper!”

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jbhat says:

Those are so great. He looks SO much like you, and I love the shot of you at the end. And I love his skinny jeans, too. What a little hipster he is.


You knocked it out of the park on this one! Wow.

Mrsxoxo1598 says:

Beautiful!! Jasper looks just like you as a baby, too cute.

Karen says:

Wow, he looks just like you!
Thanks for the tip about shooting into the dark. The skin tones on these are so wonderful, did you custom white balance or awb? Really beautiful color!

Cole says:

Beautiful! Jasper looks great – and Mommy knows toddler-wrangling for pics is challenging: she has about 34,002 pics of the back of my head! She wants cute fall portraits, too!

wanderluster says:

Jasper looks so grown up! He looks exactly like you in that last photo. Great tip about the dark backgrounds too!

kari says:

YES – exactly you! Great comparison shots!!!

these photos are delicious Ari!