Peace Yo!

(or Paci Yo?)

Doesn’t he look so different in a hat? That’s why photographers LOVE hats – you can practically achieve a whole new look just by putting on or switching hats.  Unfortunately, MY little guy hasn’t consented to wear a hat since he was about 4 months old and still lacked the skills to pull it off his head!

So you can imagine my surprise when Jasper came bounding down the stairs after Daddy got him dressed and I saw this.

I quickly grabbed my camera and my widest lens (the Tamron 28-75) and prayed that Jasper would stand close enough to the sliding glass door for there to be enough light (it was dark and dreary that morning.)

Somehow, it all worked out, and even at 1250 ISO it looks noise free with a slight adjustment of the luminence noise slider in Lightroom 3 (LOVE that!)!  I also forgot what great closeups the tammy takes- for these type of shots it’s as sharp as any L lens, and sharper than some!

I hope you all had a good weekend, I worked on the elements version of my templates all weekend and am happy to announce they should be available tonight!

Woohoo :)

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ariana says:

Lauren, I hope you love it!

Lisa, if you don’t have a focusing issue with any lens other than the Tamron, my guess would be that it’s malfunctioning :(

Lauren says:

thanks ariana… got to play with the Tam today just a bit…and not used to such a shallow DOF and chasing a toddler!!! I reread your post (for the millionth time) on focus.. check it out lisa:

yes… I suppose I was guilty of keeping it all the way open because I could! ; ) Got to keep practicing.. but I’m excited about the lens nonetheless…

Lisa says:

I bought the Tamron 28-75 a few months ago. Unfortunately I bought it used and the focus was not correct and I had to pay $140 more to get it calibrated. I now know it is capable of taking sharp pics- I have seen a couple of them I have taken. But I can’t seem to get sharp pics more than maybe 10% of the time. Does it just take practice since I always shoot with the 50 1.4 or do you have any tips for adjusting to it?? I don’t trust this lens at a photo shoot yet because all my pics will be blurry!

Lauren says:

finally bit the bullet and bought the Tamron 28-75 and the Sigma 30 1.4. Should be here in 2 days!
So excited to finally play with something besides my kit lens. I have a friend who should be having a baby any day now… so hoping I can learn it well enough by then… since she’s asked me to take newborn shots! I’m a little nervous to screw them up.. but I think it will be OK. : )
Thanks again for your input…

ariana says:

Wow, great combo! Coming from the kit lens I’m sure you’ll be more than pleased :)

Lauren says:

OK…thanks for the input ariana. You have no idea.. it really helps for someone like me who almost researches too much but doesn’t know enough. Perhaps I will get the Tamron 28-75 and one prime lens at this point. I’m torn between the 30 Sigma you speak so highly of and the 50 1.4 Canon. The Canon is actually cheaper and would work on a MarkII if I ever get there.. but it sounds like the 30 with my crop sensor might be a better size for baby shots at this point. Tell me what to do… I can’t stand this indecision anymore!!! ; )
ps. do you think that canon 70-200 would be stable enough for my camera if I eventually get there?

ariana says:

Cole, sounds adorable!

Lauren, those kit lenses aren’t worth much, not sure where you might sell it – craigslist? As far as the tamron for newborns, I use it sometimes for the parents with baby shots where you don’t want too wide an aperture, but for the baby shots themselves you need something with a wider max ap.. I use the 50 1.4. 2.8 just isn’t enough IMO!

Lauren says:

Oh yes… I had seen this post.. but was thinking more on the lines of a prime lens when I read it. I’ll probably need to stick with my 50D for now. (although I was considering the MarkII.. but it might be too much to get that AND an expensive lens at once) The 50D of course has a crop sensor… so hopefully I’ll have luck with the Tamron 28-75. Do you think that might work well for new baby portraits? Hope so. I’d like to get the 70 to 200 down the line… I wonder now if it would be too heavy for my 50D?
I need to win the lottery so I can afford everything at once!!!
By the way.. is there a good place I can eventually try to sell the lens that came with my camera? You probably have a post on this around here too…

Cole says:

I love hats! My current favorite is a chocolate brown cabby hat with one stripe of argyle…

ariana says:

Lauren, to be honest because it was downstairs and the L was upstairs LOL! But also, I have on again off again issues with the 24-70L, which I think many people do. You may gain some insight at least as to MY thoughts about it from this post I wrote not too long ago :)

Lauren says:

I love this shot! You know, I’m considering this lens or maybe the Canon 24-70 2.8 as my first lens to basically replace the kit lens that came with my Canon 50D (28 to 135). Looks like you have both in your bag. Why did you pull out the Tamron in this case… and why do you have both? Just curious since I’m on the cusp of finally getting something. I have a 22 month old toddler…and will have a new baby at the end of March..and want something that will be good for baby and toddler portraits. Do you think that is a good all around lens to start with? I’m driving myself crazy with research!!! : )