I’m so stressed right now trying to get the Elements version of my Wall Display Templates finished before a big giveaway on IheartFaces next week that I don’t have time for the tutorial I had planned :(

Selfishly, I want to write this post so that I don’t forget these little Jasperisms someday..some of these are so cute that I’m loathe to correct him. Is that wrong of me?

Elevator = “Eligator” I think this is my favorite.

Mine = “Mines” as in “This one is mines!”

Chicken Nuggets = “Chicken Uggets”

Mr Potato Head = “Matato”

Telephone STILL = “Lolo” (as in hello, hello)

Airport = “O=port”

If he wants to say “Mommy, come sit with me” he says “Mommy, come sit with You”.

He calls school buses “real buses” because of the song “the wheels on the bus” only he thinks it’s saying the “real bus” goes round and round.

OR.  If he doesn’t like the option presented, he’ll say “Or (insert his own preferred alternative here”) even though that option wasn’t offered.  Such as: Do you want mommy to carry you to the car? If he want’s Daddy to do it instead he’ll respond “Or Daddy?”.

Bear = “Pooh bay-uh”. I have NO idea who told him that his beloved bear was actually a Pooh Bear, but now Bear is called Pooh Bear, except that he says “Bear” like he has a Brooklyn accent. Beah.

Yes = “mmmmhmmm.” This is a new development, but lately instead of saying yes, he says mmmmnhmmm to EVERYTHING. Like you know how we essentially repeat everything toddlers say back to them for validation? Like if he says “Mommy, I want to go in the stroller” I’ll say “You want to go in your stroller? Ok. ” and he’ll go “mmmmnhmmm.”

I wondered where he got it until Jeff pointed out that I say this constantly. Oops!

In other news, why didn’t you tell me that bringing baby home after vacation = HELL?

Apparently, sleeping every night in bed with Mommy and Daddy for a week means that he will never go back to sleeping on his own again.   But not only do I have to lay with him while he falls asleep (which is not so comfortable because he is still sleeping on the floor!) but now when he wakes up in the middle of the night he gets HYSTERICAL for me.   Last night he SCREAMED for 20 minutes for Mommy until I broke down and went in even though I know I’m enabling this habbit.  In general, he’s been super clingy  for mommy and really insecure since we got back.

Is there something about them learning that there is a world outside their regular routine that throws them into a maelstrom of insecurity? Please tell me this won’t last!

How did you all get your toddlers back to their regular sleep habits after vacation??  I HATE the idea of “reFerberizing” but he’s become completely incapable of putting himself to sleep :(

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jbhat says:

Our kiddo used to look up at me with arms oustretched and say “I wanna pick you up,” meaning he wanted me to pick him up. It was irresistible. I’d hoist him every time.

Ugh–post-vacay sleep issues and mommy wanting! Universal issues, but they are indeed phases.

ariana says:

So cute JB!

esther says:

ariana, i so hear you, girl! my eric (one of the twins) has been the same way with sleep since he was 22 months old (same age as jasper, minus five days!). we were in europe for a month in june/july where he slept mostly with me as i did not let him sleep in the pack’n’play because he got out and i was afraid that he would fall and hurt himself. so i gave in and he slept with me. every since then, he has become ultra-mega attached to me. he is not in daycare, so he is not even used to being away from me to start with. the bedtimes are still horrible and we have the same sitation as you are describing. i am sorry that i cannot give you advise because quite frankly, i am looking for advise. i sure hope that this will get better as they grow to be emotionally more independent this year…because i need sleep! good luck to us, ariana!!!!

Jamie says:

hi! I’ve been lurking for a while now. Anyway, we took our 2 year old daughter on a trip in August. Like you, it has been a nightmare getting her to sleep in her bed again. We let her sleep on the floor for a month but it was like pulling teeth to get her to fall asleep. She woke up every single night screaming and crying for me. After several weeks of going to her room in the middle of the night and sleeping on her floor with her, we just had to let her cry herself back to sleep. The first few nights were hard, like crying for 20 plus minutes. After that it went down to less than 5 minutes and now, if she wakes up, she will fuss for a minute or two then fall back asleep.
We finally have her sleeping in her bed again. I started by moving her blanket from the floor to her bed. We’d put her down, tell her we were going to “insert a chore here” and then we’d be back to check on her. We left her door open so she could see us go back and forth. We’d poke our head in and check on her after 10 minutes, then leave again. She would eventually fall asleep. We still have plenty of nights where she cries for us when we put her down, but she finally falls asleep after a few minutes. Good Luck!!!

Joanna says:

Actually this same thing happend to us after a long weekend away, my 21 month old who was a model sleeper suddenly wanted to sleep in our bed – she was in a pack n play on vacation so I think this was due to her missing us since we both work during the day. After several nights of crying which was awful my husband discovered that if we rub her back she would go to sleep. We did that for a few nights and then she was cured! She does clutch a pillow which is like her lovey which helps. Good luck I know how stressful this is when they revert to bad sleep habits!

Mrs Brown says:

Oh my word! I thought the “Mama” stage was just us!

That 3 day sleep solution that they featured on New Mommies New Babies works like a darn! The trick is sticking to the routine. The bed time seems ridiculously early (6:30pm), but Ellie really does sleep much better and on her own when we use it.

Alexandria says:

Well good! I’m glad!

Pam says:

I know you were stressed about blogging about Jasper’s cute two-year-old phrases instead of the tutorial but I think you made the right decision. Heck, in 5 years (can you imagine in 20 years) you’ll look back at this post and be glad you did. You know what they say, time flies! You want to make sure you can look back and see how he’s progressed.

BTW – I have a 20 month old & I do the same thing on her blog (and I only have 2 fans!) It ends up being more for my sake than the grandparents. I want to relish the cute (and not so cute moments). We only have them for a very short 18 years.

As far as recouping from travel – my 20 month old took about a week to get back into her normal sleep routine. It sucks while you’re going through it but it should only last a short time.

ariana says:

Thanks Pam, you are so right!

Alexandria, yes :)

Alexandria says:

Ugh. I totally hate to ask this but since you wrote about it originally maybe its ok….but are you and Jeff back together?

Shane says:

If any of your blog readers have links to this Mommy Stage please post! I hope G gets out of it soon. If he’s still in it when BabyS comes, we’re in trouble. There just aren’t as many things I can do for the infant in the realm of food (at first).

The other day Ava and I went to pick up G at daycare. I walked in and he say me, and sprinted at top speed across the room to me. As he rounded the last bookcase about 2 feet from me, he saw Ava and peeled off in her direction — ‘momma, momma’.

ariana says:

Shane, you hit the nail on the head!!! EVERYTHING has to be mommy right now, which is weird because he’s usually so attached to Jeff. The other day he REFUSED to let Jeff give him a bath, which he does almost every night..and instead of being able to share the laying with him until he sleeps burden he only wants mommy. Even after crying for 10 minutes last night went Jeff went in he cried even louder for mommy. So is this mommy attachment just after two some sort of stage they are going through?

It’s weird because I read up so much on developmental stages only up until about 1 year, so I feel more in the dark about the toddler stages or if there are any, which judging by your similar experience there must be!

Thanks for the company in my misery! I hope it gets better soon for all of us.

Shane says:

I laughed at the “where did he get that?” — G busted out a “Nice” the other day and I really had no idea where he learned that response. Ava quickly pointed out it’s from ME. Now I notice how much I say it.

I wonder how much of J’s being clingy is age vs. vacation. G has been SUPER clingy w/ Ava over the last few weeks. It’s driving me nuts. From only only wanting momma to carry him, to screaming when i try to get him out of the car (‘no daddy, no daddy….Momma!’) but then being calm when momma does it. It’s making it really hard to take some of the load off of Ava and hard to get the fun (non fussy) times I used to spend with him.