Toddlers and Temporary Tattoos = Temporary Insanity!

A few days ago we received the SWEETEST surprise in the mail, a birthday present from Kari & Liam. It is a beautifully done little book of temporary tattoos, most of them old school style like anchors, sailboats, etc.   Jasper picked out the one that had a heart and said “I Love Mom” and we applied it before bedtime two nights ago.   At daycare yesterday Jasper’s Tattoo (or “Attoo” in Jasper) got quite a bit of attention and Jasper started to get very attached to it.  So much so that yesterday when I was taking an iPhone video of him drop kicking his curious george football he interrupted me and demanded that I take a video of his attoo:

Kari obviously knows Jasper’s (ok, Jeff’s too!) taste, but I don’t think she fully anticipated how much he would love the attoos..(can you see where this is going?)

So last night at bath, Jeff ask Jasper if he wants to keep the tattoo or wash it off and say bye bye.  Distractedly Jasper says “bye bye!” and Jeff washes it off.

Stricken, Jasper stares at his bare arm and starts crying for his lost attoo.   “Attoo! Attoo in the water!” he frantically searches for it in the washcloth and in the bath water. Of course by now we realize we are in for a full on meltdown and start trying to tell him he can have a different tattoo from the book.

“No, other one!” Jasper cries.  We tried to appease him with a different tattoo but he wasn’t having any of it. He wanted “mom attoo” and he screwed up his little face and cried for mommy to “Wipe it on!” (presumably because we wiped it off) and demanded to go back to the bath water to keep looking for it.

It was a while before we could calm him down and then this morning when he finally accepted that the mom tattoo was gone, I put another one on that he immediately demanded I take off.

Sadly I think  we must put the beautiful little tattoo book away for a while until Jasper is past this stage of fierce attachment to random things  (did I tell you the other week he insisted on sleeping with our spatula? )  and can understand the “temporary” in temporary tattoos.  But we still REALLY loved the gift, Jasper gets a huge kick out of having attoos like Daddy.  Hmm, does anyone know where we can order a whole sheet of “I love mom” tattoos? :)

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m+b says:

Haha, hilarious! Too cute!

Fiona says:

This is your funniest post yet. I was giggling all over the place reading this. Imagining you and jeff humouring him by checking out the flannel and the water to see if you can find it in order to follow jasper’s instructions of wipe if on. Too funny for words . X the world through the eyes of a two year old….amazing.

Janineb says:

oh my word. We are there too. She wants to bring every article of clothing, every bottle, every hairbrush to bed with her. And taking her pajamas off in the morning? fuggetaboutit. All i hear is “penguins! frogs! back back on on on on”

jbhat says:

What a sensitive little hipster he is! Love “Wipe it on!”


ariana says:

OOOh Kari, can I trade the attachment phase for the anti-mess phase LOL? That picture is too much – I just sent it to Jeff because that’s STILL how he dresses sometimes. I swear our families are the “bizarro” versions of each other!

kari says:

So cute!
I am glad Jasper liked them! (sorry to cause a bit of toddler drama in the house) ;) We found them when we were on vacation in San Diego and we had to get them. I know Liam is always doing little things to “be like Daddy”.. they went to a “rock star” birthday party over the weekend – kurt of course dressed him up in suglasses and even put a chain wallet on him!

he came home with two tattoos on each arm – we washed them off in the bathtub last night, and he seemed ready for it because they had become “messy” and right now liam is in a phase where he can’t stand “messy”

gotta love the toddler phases!!

ariana says:

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Knowing Jasper he will immediately see the difference between the old one and a different design but it’s worth a shot.

Ok Shane I’m going to be a HUGE wet blanket and say that I don’t think it’s such a good idea to draw on a child’s skin with a sharpie..a quick check of wikipedia confirmed that my yuck instinct that the industrial solvents in the ink can enter the bloodstream!

I have to admit it it does look good though :)

Shane says:

ditto party stores to check out. Also there are a ton of online places that will make custom designs. I haven’t used any of these stores, so don’t have any specific recommendations. A search for ‘custom temporary tattoos’ or even ‘i love mom temporary tattoo’ should do it.

Also in case you want some real fun — draw on his skin w/ a Sharpie. It will come off w/ a little baby oil. We have a good friend that used to draw amazing body art designs w/ sharpies.

Here is a link to an image:

Jessica says:

That’s too cute … but so sad for Jasper! So I went and did a Google search for “I Love Mom” temporary tattoos and found a couple sites you could check out!

The second site has them cheaper and you can buy them in bulk! That way little Jasper will never run out of his favorite tatt! =D

Ava says:

We’ve been doing temporary tattoos on G for awhile. Thankfully he hasn’t gotten particularly attached to any of them. He likes bugs though, so we have a whole slew of buggie tattoos that he’s proud to show off.

Have you checked party stores? They have temp tattoos.

Meaghan says:

That is so cute. My daughter is getting really upset when we take her favorite clothes off – an Abby Cadabby t-shirt, a Sesame Street t-shirt and one of a dog wearing headphones? Argh.

Samantha says:

Too cute! I can imagine it’s hard for a toddler to grasp the idea of “temporary”. Perhaps when he’s a little older the tattoos would provide for a good lesson in that respect.

Aimee says:

Cole had to sleep with a bottle of Burt’s Bee’s bodywash for a good week when he was 22 months. I don’t miss that age. :-)