Open Thread Thursday!

The way it works is you just post any question you have in a comment and other readers can comment with an answer to your question or post one of their can be about parenting, photography, or just whatever you feel like throwing out there!

So, what’s on your mind?


I haven’t had a chance to blog about it yet, but I got the Canon 100mm L IS Macro a few weeks ago.. LOVE IT!  I bought it because I had to do some food images for a friend (blog post coming soon), but I am so excited to try it with a newborn, but I have none booked at the moment.

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Open Thread Thursday! The way it works is you just post any question you have in a comment and other readers can comment with...
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Open Thread Thursday! The way it works is you just post any question you have in a comment and other readers can comment...
ariana says:

Oh crap Judy, I had no idea!! That is really scary..we need to get his blood tested for sure.

Fiona, I’m sorry I don’t personally have better advice for you because as you know, I BF Jasper until he was 18 months and he self weaned. I did pump, and I would try to give him cows milk but he refused to drink it, which is why it’s so ironic that now I have the opposite problem trying to get him to STOP drinking cow’s milk! Actually, he wouldn’t even take breast milk in a bottle from about 8 months on, so if I didn’t breast feed him, he got NO milk, which is one of the reasons I BF him for so long. But I do think that until a year, they are supposed to get forumula instead of cow’s milk because forumula and BM has so many more nutrients that they need than just cow’s milk.

Jess says:

Thank you for that link. That is close to what I have in mine but this specific parent (of a senior) is looking for the more traditional leather tri-fold portfolio with multiple windows to arrange 4×6 photos.
Also, I’ve really enjoyed looking into WHCC. Thanks for that advice! Perfect! :o)

Fiona says:

Hi Jen

Thanks for the comment and advice. I do have a pump but I have never managed to get much out (only about 40 ml a go) despite having a plentiful milk supply. I’ll give it another go.I think I’ll get a different cup for the milk so she differentiates between milk time and water time.

My question for you Jen is – how did you go about night feeding – or wasn’t it an issue? I think my daughter likes the comfort of feeding even more than the milk.

Do you think cow milk is OK from 10 months? I have heard that it isn’t suitable until 12 months. What do you think?

Thanks again.


Jen says:

Fiona, I exclusively breastfed my son until 13 months. I weaned slowly from 11-13 months. Since you mentioned you don’t use bottles, I’m thinking you may not have a pump? If you do, around 11 months I started giving him cups (not bottles) with 3/4 breastmilk, 1/4 cow milk. I slowly reduced the ratio, and dropping feeding sessions, so by 13 months he was weaned from breastmilk entirely. It was a very smooth process for both of us.

I know people hate the lower quality hand pumps, but perhaps you could try one since you would have to use it very little?

Or I’m sure there are plenty of non-pump solutions out there, just swapping in a cup of cow milk for a feeding and slowly weaning off the breast.

Judy N says:

The answer to the “how much milk for my toddler” question is that toddlers shouldn’t drink more than 2-3 cups (16-24 oz) or milk a day. Milk is actually a GOOD source of calories (fat, protein, carbs in nice balance), BUT drinking too much milk actually causes iron-deficiency anemia…milk is low in iron that the body can absorb and drinking in large amounts can actually cause a toddler to LOSE blood/iron in their stools…I’ve seen 3 year olds who drink so much milk that they are anemic to the point where their blood counts are like 25% of normal levels! So, that’s the main reason to limit milk intake!

Fiona says:


Just been catching up with your blog….been away for a while…..glad to see OTT again….

My question: I have breastfed my daughter since she was born and she is 9 months old now and doing quite well on solids. I want to try to get her off the breast by a year. I’m tired…..I want my body back (selfish mummy!). How do I do it? She’s NEVER had a bottle. She drinks water out of a sippy cup (she won’t have juice) and just today drank from a straw for the first time. She breastfeeds AT LEAST 4 times a day (morning, late morning, late afternoon and bedtime) and twice during the night (YAWN!).

HELP ME! I don’t know what to do.


Fiona x

ariana says:

Brooke, I think in that case the 85 is a great choice!

Jess, I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “portfolio”? Do you mean something like this?

I use/have used so many printers.. the thing is that everyone has different products, and does different things better! I REALLY like fuji paper, so I try to print through fuji labs, the best/cheapest I have found is prodpi. I really like them, but unfortunately the only fuji lab I have found that matches my current monitor set up is H&H ( Prodpi, Allied, Colorinc, all great fuji labs, but Fuji paper can tend to be cooler, and H&H must be the only lab compensating for it.. or maybe my new monitor can’t calibrate properly because I am having a really hard time with my colors right now :(

But those are all great labs. I also use WHCC for certain things that they just have more options for than anyone else like their accordion minis. And their hinged press albums (not books) are unmatched by any other lab.. the problem I do have with them is that their press products can be all over the place color wise.. certain papers are too magenta, others too cool. I used the watercolor paper for my sample 10×10 album and I really liked it, but I can’t say the colors really matched my monitor LOL.

Hope that didn’t confuse you even more :)

Carol, I’ll keep that in mind! I took a B&W photography and devoping course in my early twenties, which was many more years ago than I care to count :) But other than that, I am completely self taught. There are so many amazing messageboards, my favorites being ILP and Clickinmoms where, if you have the time, you can learn pretty much everything! Not to say that a good workshop can’t speed up that learning curve, I’m sure it can. But the best way to get in there and learn is to post your images for critique and detach yourself emotionally from the outcome and take that critique and practice to improve!

carol says:

hi Ariana,

i’m a late bloomer and just started being interested in photography. your posts on photography have been very inspiring. Is every ‘self taught” or did you take any online courses? i know you mentioned message boards so i am wondering if that’s all?

oh! if you are having any online workshops, i’d love to be a participant! any photoshop or PP workshops please…

Jess says:

I’m a ‘random’ reader, but I love that you are open to questions and I’m hoping you can save me some research! :o)
I’ve been on the hunt for the leatherette type portfolios for senior portraits. I do not usually use them, but I have a parent who wants one REALLY bad. Do you know where I could find them?
Also, who do you primarily print through? Just curious…

Love your work and your son is adorable!

kari says:

ok – SOOO late in the game here.
but i have a mommy sos.
preschool lunch help.
help me get creative!
at Liam’s “in home daycare” i could pack all kinds of things, because she would do warm ups etc. at his new PRESCHOOL, its cold lunch only. he hates lunch meat… i did buy a thermos for pasta/casseroles, spaghetti-os and mac n chz… but .. help – any fail safe menus for cold sack lunches for 2 yr olds?

Brooke says:

Outdoors = yes!!
I live on the seacoast-and have incredible settings to shoot in all around me-I am looking for something that will give me beautiful bokeh both in the foreground and background of my subjects and something that can work well in both low and bright light. My b-day is in November so I plan on asking DH for a lens that will help me with those outdoor shots($500 or less).

ariana says:

I’m happy to report that he just grew out of it pretty quickly, it was a passing fascination! What he did NOT grow out of is thinking that it’s hysterical when we’re mad or when we punish him.

Yes, even now we have to stay close by for time out.. he starts to jump on the time out chair, or climb off and we sit him back down.

I have been interested in photography since i was 13 and my parents bought me an SLR camera (no “D” in those days!). I revisited it in my early 20s but dropped it for a long time. I have always had a strong creative drive. At one point it was for singing/performing/writing songs which I did for a number of years. I also was a web designer.. I am very happy to have come full circle to photography, but I know about myself that I may at some point switch gears yet again. I seem to only be happy when I have a strong creative outlet, but it doesn’t matter too much what form it takes :)

ariana says:

Melanie, I’m not sure exactly how much is recommended, but Jasper was drinking about a quart a day, which is 700 calories and half of his daily caloric needs!!

Brooke, what are you planning on shooting mostly? Outdoors? Do you like using a prime lens or have you thought about a zoom lens? I loved the focal length of the Tamron 28-75 on my rebel..

Shilpi, I don’t have too much advice for you here, maybe someone else can chime in? I’m lucky in that Jasper is a pretty good sharer, but I’m sure that we’ll go through stages so I’d be interested to hear any tips as well!

Stacey says:

Ariana – I re-read your post on biting because this is something that my 17month is doing now and it is driving me crazy. I have never had to discipline him before. He always minds when we say “No”. But whenever he bites & I tell him “No” or “No Bites” sternly, he laughs. I think this is because usually we are playing when he bites me and he thinks it’s funny. Anyway – did any of the suggestions mentioned help – or what did you end up doing? I don’t know how he will stay in one area for timeout – did you sit with him for a period of time? – and I don’t want him to develop negative associates with a room… (sorry for being long-winded and bringing up an old post – just curious if something solved the problem for you…)

Another quick question if I can – how long have you been interested in photography? Was this always something that you had a passion/eye for? Are/Were you in a creative profession before photography? Did your interest in photography as a business happen after you had Jasper?

Shilpi says:

My question is about teaching the concept of ‘sharing’ to my almost 2 yr old. We read books to him ,talk about it everyday.He literally throws a fit when time comes to practice it…like sharing toys/books with others,candies…I didnt know sharing would be that tough :-) Thanks

Brooke says:

I have peeked in your camera bag-and I was wondering if you could make a recommendation for me?? I purchased the 50mm 1.8 that you have and I LOVE IT! Aside from the lens that came with my camera-it is the only thing I have purchased to date. I have the canon rebel xsi and I am in desperate need of adding a telephoto lens to my collection!

I was thinking of adding this one (Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Medium Telephoto Lens)…
But I was wondering if you had the 2 lenses I have-and this telephoto purchase was the only lens purchase you could make for 16 months-would that be the one you would pick?

Katherine says:

I would love to see some more PP tutorials as well as LR.

Melanie says:

You mentioned Jasper’s doctor suggested he’s drinking too much milk. How much milk is too much?

Oh I have that lens, LOVE it! I am looking forward to the food blog post!