Fishsticks = Dangerous?

The other day I made Jasper a few Dr. Praegers fishsticks which he ate maybe two bites of  (he’s teething hard core right now and his interest in food is at about zero.)  As usual, I ended up eating the leftovers and was horrified when I felt a bone in my mouth!!

What if that had been Jasper and not me eating it? He could have really choked, or had it damage his asophogus on teh way down. Just thinking about it is terrifying.  So I’ve kind of sworn off fishsticks, but I’m not sure if I’m overreacting (wouldn’t be the first time!)

I mean, fish sticks DO come from fish which DO have bones, but they are also heavily marketed as a kid friendly food. Shouldn’t they be bone free? I wonder if they have any sort of safety regulations for this sort of thing.

Has anyone else found a bone in their fish sticks?

I would mush them up before giving them to him, but he doesn’t like them once they are all torn apart..

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Alison says:

@Sarah – that is so interesting! I had no idea. Hm… I guess all those fish bones I inadvertently swallowed as a child were good for something other than making me loathe fish. But only for a short time, now I crave it because my hubby won’t eat it and neither will my son – yet! Someday I’ll make it again…

Elizabeth says:

How big was the bone? As a child, I remember swallowing bones from fish dinner’s (soups, fried fish, etc.) It wasn’t a pleasant experience…I remember coughing and trying to take them out.
I would think fish that is manufactured to be boneless should definitely not have any bones in it.
My accidental “swallowing” came from my mom’s home cooking and to this day, I still find myself swallowing small bones (Asian background, got used to it after a while:).
I’m not sure how you can prevent this from happening again, but I would contact Dr. Praeger’s and find out their regulations.

Stephanie C. says:

I’ve never had that problem, but we get the cheap Target fish sticks where the meat is minced inside. Maybe that’s the difference?

Justina says:

EEkkk! I understand your concern since I panicked once when I finished eating up Jude’s oatmeal and found a big fish bone inside (my mum helps me to freeze small sachets of fish meat and removes the bones usually). I think its even worse if its in a fish stick, aren’t they supposed to be fillets with no bones? I think you should write in to the company!

Sarah says:

Do you know that in other countries the main source of calcium in peoples diet is fish bones. I went to school for nutritional science and that tidbit of information has stuck with me through the years. Anyway, I am not sure about the bones from the fish the fish sticks were made from but you could always write to the company or call and ask/voice your concern and see what they have to say.

KaiRayne says:

I have felt a bone or two in fish sticks over the years. We don’t get them anymore, not for the bone factor but for the fact that no on in my house likes them. lol I guess the only way you could really make sure your fish sticks were truly bone free, is if you made your own. I know that, that is probably not an option though. I think that the bones are so soft that they would probably be chewed up. If you felt it, he might have as well and probably would have spit it out, no? :) I’m sorry I don’t have anything helpful to say lol