Picture of the “Big Boy Bed”

Or the “cowboy” bed as we like to call it.. Mrs. Brown asked what it looked like so I took a snapshot of Jasper brushing his teeth.   He really likes to cuddle and lay on it, just not SLEEP on it unfortunately (he’s still sleeping on the floor.)

You can see how Jeff tied the crib bumper into the slats to make it like a cozy day bed, we just had to wrap the extra around the back on the right side.   It looks so cute and cozy, but like always, Jasper has to do things HIS WAY, which he has decided means the floor.

The other side effect of the transition from crib to toddler bed is that Jasper REALLY likes to cuddle with mommy or daddy (preferably both!) right before bed on the floor.. in fact he’s pretty much given up wanting to read books in favor of just snuggling.  Of course I don’t mind because snuggling with Jasper is at the top of my list of favorite things in the world – despite the fact that he’s the squirmiest thing ever!

It’s funny, I can remember when we bought this crib the fact that it would later convert into a toddler bed wasn’t even a factor in my decision – it just seemed like it was a lifetime in the future that we would need to do that. But now that the time for the transition is here, I was really grateful that the decision was just a matter of switching out the front piece that took about 1 minute vs. having to actually go shopping, wait for delivery, assemble the thing etc..it kind of took the hassle out of the whole situation!

I would definitely recommend that anyone in the market for a crib consider a convertible for that reason.

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SarahD says:

I absolutely adore his wall! Is that a decal? or did you paint it? I’m going to have to find your post about his room.
The only objection I have to a convertible crib/toddler bed is if you intend to have another baby within 2 years and then you end up needing to buy yet another crib. We bought a toddler bed so our new baby could have the crib, but a crib sized toddler bed is pretty much pointless as they outgrow them so fast. Go straight to a twin, in my opinion.

jbhat says:

Ugh, I too slept on the floor for many, many nights. We finally just cried it out (he cried, his crying made me cry), but it seriously just took not even two whole bedtimes worth of tears before he figured was okay with falling asleep on his own.

On the other hand, maybe relish it while you can. Is he going to want to snuggle up with you guys in 10 years? Doubtful.


Meghan says:

so cute! we have the same crib so it’s nice to see it in the ‘big boy’ bed stage!

Jacqueline says:

Wow! That is a cute convertible! Roscoe sleeps in a swing…we’re bad parents :) It’s been a goal to transition him to his crib, but we just don’t have the energy. Enjoy the extra snuggles!

ariana says:

Good point Shane! Though aren’t cribs one of the two things baby bargains says to never buy used?? (the other being carseat). Ours is already ruined though because a) the screws are stripped and B) there was some wood damage from the tension of the screws. Hey, it was from Wal-mart, can’t expect too much!! :)

Shane says:

I have a diff view on convertible beds. our situation is different – with Baby2 coming soon, we’ll use the crib as a crib for baby2. We’re going to skip the toddler bed and go to a twin bed so we don’t have to buy a new crib/toddler mattress.

And even then if you are done w/ the crib (no more kids) then sell it (but keep the mattress). You can probably get more $$ for your crib than what it will cost to buy a used toddler bed on craigslist. Cribs have a fairly short time period where you can get a decent $$ for them (depends on recalls and changes to standards), so sell it while the value is higher. Or use the toddler conversion to confirm he’s ready for the toddler bed and then sell it shortly after. J would look SWEET in one of those race car or rocket ship beds! :-)

Now I COMPLETELY understand that time effort to post, sell, buy new bed, setup, etc… and sometimes that time and effort savings is well worth using a convertible bed.

Just my $$$ view of the crib, toddler bed, twin bed decision.

Kimberly says:

Adorable! We are nowhere near transitioning to a toddler bed, thank goodness. James still loves his crib and he’s short enough that the rails are still plenty high. I’m thinking I’ll probably move James into a toddler bed when the new baby is ready to go into the crib. So probably not for another year or so. Wishful thinking???

For above commenters re: toothbrushing….
James really never fought toothbrushing, either, but I have found that there are a LOT of kiddie toothpastes the he doesn’t like. He has always liked the Earth’s Best strawberry-banana toddler stuff I started him off with. But I bought a different kind once when we were all out, and he’s tried his cousin’s and he will make a face and shake his head, saying he doesn’t “like that.” We’ve also had great success with the light-up Firefly toothbrushes.

Ariana… I think you owe me an email, missy! ;)

ariana says:

Lauren – it will be here before you know it!!

Kari – Jasper doesn’t so much brush his teeth as eat the toothpaste, which he LOOOOVES. Probably because I hold out on the sweets with him he can’t get enough of the sweet toothpaste. I put a blob on, he puts it in his mouth for two seconds and then say “more!”.

Since we moved back to becoming home, he just started this new obsession though with standing at the sink and putting his toothbrush under the running water and then brushing, and repeating ad nauseum. But he’s not really brushing well, for that I just say “aaahhhh” and he opens his mouth and allows me to actually brush his molars etc for a second or two, the rest is just a game to him!

I guess my long winded point is that Jasper never really fought the brushing. Seems to me though if Liam liked the taste of the toothpaste he would like to brush no? Have you tried different flavors? Oh, and have you tried letting him pick out the toothbrush itself? Jasper has one with ducks on it, and one with elmo, both of which he loves so that makes it more fun!

Betsy, our crib came with the conversion piece, but definitely if yours doesn’t it’s a great idea to have it in advance! Aside from just the fear of it being discontinued, you may find that one day he climbs or falls out of his crib and you will be in the situation of needing that piece YESTERDAY and won’t want to wait to have to order it or anything!

BetsyH says:

We recently ordered and received our crib and other nursery furniture. We chose the crib because it was convertible. I had planned on checking-back periodically to make sure I purchased the railing before the series was discontinued, but your post lit a fire under my butt to buy it now. Like Lauren, we can just stash it in his closet. I’d rather be safe than sorry!

kari says:

so darn cute! i forgot for a teeny minute how adorable his room is! love it! good luck w/ the bed transition… i think we are almost there too. we also got a “convertible” so, seeing yours all put together makes me happy we did that!!

ok – one more thing…seeing jasper brush his OWN teeth leads me to ask a mommy SOS… HOW do you get your child to brush their teeth. Liam fights me everytime! (we even have the thomas the train toothpaste and everything?!)

Lauren says:

Cute! We have the same crib and have that extra piece stored in the closet…it seems like a lifetime from now that we’ll need to use it, but my son turns one on Friday! Looks great!