Jasper Counting to 10!

I have no idea if most toddlers Jasper’s age can count, but I never actually practiced or taught him to count so imagine my surprise the other day when I said “One, two three” and he replied “Four, five, six!”

Somewhere along the way I stopped reading those  “What you can expect” books that tell you month by month what your baby should be doing, so sometimes I’m get completely floored by milestones like this.    That’s the wonderful thing about toddlers, they never stop surprising you!

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Fiona says:

Ahhhh….tooooooo cute! What a lovely surprise!

Natalie says:

aww how cute! How old is Jasper now?

Isn’t that the best? Jasper is adorable! Noah just started counting out of the blue this week and it took me completely by surprise.

Heather says:

Too cute! I’d missed the video before! Loved the story though. I get excited each time one of the kiddos I care for starts counting. And they feel so proud, it’s awesome isn’t it?

Samm Ivri says:

Yay Jasper!! I love those surprises too. We’ve been teaching Mia colors – blue, green, red, yellow. But I was shocked when she pointed to my car seat and said “Grey!” No idea where she learned that one. Isn’t this the cutest age!?

Pamela says:

Jasper is so adorable!

Nanette says:

He’s soooo sweet!

We count the 15 steps up to our condo at least once a day with our toddler. She surprised me earlier this week when we were playing with toys that I started counting and she chimed in similar to what Jasper did. So fun!

kari says:

now that is one smart cookie!

Ashley says:

Oh my gosh! That’s amazing!!! My boys are starting to talk…but they are no where close to that! Go Jasper! What a smart little guy!!! :)

sarah says:

That’s awesome!!!!!!!! The other day I said “one” and alex replied back with “two, three!” I was so shocked, so I share that same…”I had NO clue he knew that!!” feeling! It is so exciting what they pick up!
Jasper is too precious! I love watching his new tricks!!

Kimberly says:

Yep, he’s a smarty-pants, no doubt about it! So absurdly cute!!! They really never fail to amaze us…

I really, REALLY need to pick my camera back up, and my Flip, too… James is talking up a crazy storm. I feel bad that I’m missing capturing these moments….

It’s so nice to relax and not worry about milestones any longer, isn’t it? Along the same lines, I’d so much rather be excited and surprised by what my babies know than worrying about what they DON’T know how to do yet!

jbhat says:

I had the same thing happen one day when my kiddo started reciting Humpty Dumpty. I certainly hadn’t taught him that one (it hadn’t occurred to me; bad mommy)…but he picked it up at school. It was so funny to see his face when I started saying it along with him. He was so surprised to see that I knew it too. As if I had been holding out on him!

Go Jasper! Next he’ll be explaining pi to you.


Molly says:

Um, yeah, Landon only knows the number two. Don’t quite understand why he can’t say one, two, three because we do practice! When he lines three things up he counts and says, “Two, two, two” while pointing to each item. It’s not correct but it’s pretty damn cute anyway.

ariana says:

Claudia, definitely get it on video! I haven’t and won’t be teaching Jasper to read because in Waldorf School they delay that until like 2nd-3rd grade, but I have a feeling Jasper might teach himself sooner :)

Claudia says:

What a smart boy! They are such little sponges! I play the hooked on phonics CD for my older son Christian and Jordan ends up paying more attention to it. He loves saying the letters and their sounds. I should video tape that.