Easter Pictures

I posted last week about my easter props,  I didn’t end up even using the giant eggs in Jasper’s pictures, which is just as well because it’s impossible to stretch the canvas with those eggs getting cut off!  but more about that later..

So here is Jasper in his little Easter suit from Target, I think I sort of like it better without the Jacket so you can see that adorable tie!

(All images taken with the 5D Mark II, Canon 24-70L at these approximate settings:   (1/200) Aperture:   f/3.2  ISO: 1600-2000)

But I did manage to get one of him in the jacket too:

I TOLD you it looks better in person than in the target product pictures!!

So it’s been a really long time since I did any photos of Jasper on my seamless set up.. I forgot how HARD it is to deal with toddlers! If it weren’t for the chair, there was NO getting him to stay in one place. And even with the chair, I had to bribe him with puffs. In fact, if you look really close you can see a lone puff in his hands in both pictures. Oh well, it was either a picture with puffs or no picture at all!

I’m really feeling the size limitations of using the 53″ seamless, it’s simply NOT wide enough to get a decent rule of thirds composition (without subject being dead center). Normally I “stretch the canvas” which is to say that I fake it (Does everyone know how to stretch the canvas or is that something I should do a tutorial on?).  But this is pretty impossible when you have easter eggs in the foreground like I did for these pictures of Jasper’s gorgeous little girl friend Peytie:

Doesn’t she look amazing in that dress? The eggs look cute, I’m glad we used them, though the photographer in me is cringing at the centered composition:

I was able to stretch the canvas for this one:

The barnwood floor actually makes stretching really difficult too.   I dream of someday owning a studio with gorgeous wood floors and plenty of room for the giant 107″ seamless paper!

This was also the first real photoshoot I did using the Canon 24-70L which I got used for a great price in ILP’s buy/sell/trade forum.  I will eventually get around to a detailed post comparing this L lens to the Tamron 28-75. But as far as first impressions go, this lens has much less distortion/vignetting on a full frame camera than the Tamron, and it focus really really fast.  The Tamron is so sharp it’s hard to improve on in that regard, but I did notice that my normal sharpen and save for web action on these images actually made the eyes TOO sharp.. so maybe there is a bit of a sharpness advantage as well.

I’m still deciding weather I should keep the L or sell it and put the money towards the 70-200 2.8 IS which I have been drooling over for ever.. with spring in the air, it’s calling my name!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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shannon says:

Did you use natural light for this pic? If not what kinds of lights do you use?

ariana says:

It’s savage sky blue!

Jessica says:

I’m wondering what blue that is as well…

Aimee says:

I have both the 24-70 L and the 70-200 L IS and use them on my 5DMII – Love both for different reasons. Would not trade either in. I also have the Tamron 28-75 2.8. It’s my husbands now. :-) Love using the 70-200 for portraits. Once my kids start sports I will be getting the 100-400 f4 L. Can’t beat the zoom.

Samantha says:

Super cute! I like it without the jacket too.

Just a quick question… where do you get your props (like the backdrops and floors) and were they expensive? I’m just starting out, but using a sheet just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Love the little suit, it does look far better than on the site! I did not even notice the puffs in his hands :)!

Justina says:

Loved the suit, loved the barnwood floor, and loved the photos! I think having the puff there gives it a little more realism. ;)

We’re thinking of getting the 24-70 L actually. We have the 70-200 (but f4, sigh), and I find that we hardly use it for portraits or people, unless we’re on holiday or when we take wildlife (or have to be paparazzi at a wedding shoot). So I think the 24-70 way more useful! :)

Oh, and thanks for dropping by the blog! I made more muffins this weekend, since they were so good!

Ava says:

Well, you know my thoughts on the L vs. the Tamron :) I’ve decided not to spend the money on the the L for the time being. In a few years when G starts playing soccer and the like, I’m going to need that 70-200 f/2.8L, so that’s where that cash will go.

I really DID like the 50mm f/1.2L though. I’d love to get into birth photography (no go though w/ the day-job though) and that lens can be pretty sweet for that. I love the low-light performance.

That outfit is super sweet on Jasper. With the hair, he totally looks like a rock-star at an award event. Just too cool! I love it.

Esther says:

Hi…love the outfit..and the shoes! Could I ask you where you got the shoes from? Been looking for this style for my twins without having to pay $25, or $50 for the two of them, for Chuck Taylors…thanks!

Oh & also: Which blue is that? Is it Savage paper? :)

I also would *LOVE* some info/a tutorial on “stretching the canvas”. I have a fresh new 53″ inch seamless set-up & I am feeling oh-so-limited with it, width-wise:/

ADORABLE photos of your lil man, btw!!

kari says:

cute cute cute!!!

melissa says:

he is soooo cute!

i would love a tutorial on stretching the canvas and id love to hear more about the new lens. i really want it, but it is no where near in my budget. is the tamron really almost as good?

katie says:

I’d love a tute on stretching the canvas! The pictures are gorgeous.

ariana says:

Thanks Alicia!
Amy, me too! Though that REALLY would have been like winning the lottery right? Jasper keeps seeing these and going “Peytie!”. In fact when he saw his suit in my room he ran to it and said “Peytie!”. So cute :)

Nanny Amy says:

Aww I love them!!!! Now I really wish we’d gotten one of them together :o( Next time, for sure!

Alicia says:

LOVE! Gorgeous!