Of Noise and Noiseware

First of all, sorry about the silence on the blog yesterday.. a couple of things conspired against me, not the least of which is the Nor’easter that has left Jasper’s daycare without power for going on two days now which has left ME without childcare!

Second of all, I am thrilled to report that DST has saved my sanity. Jasper has been sleeping until a thoroughly blissful 7-8am – woohoo!  How did it go for all you guys?

Ok, so now about the topic of today’s post, noise (i.e. that pixely gunk that makes our images look crappy when we use a high ISO).

This weekend we took Jasper to the mall to get out of the awful weather and give him a chance to run around a bit… and he ran RIGHT to the area with the little rides.  We spent at least $10 on these rides (not hard at a dollar a pop!) but it was worth it to placate a whiny toddler!

As you might imagine, indoors at a mall is not bright enough to shoot without a flash. But it’s also not an ideal place to bounce flash because there were no nearby walls or even ceilings. So I had to crank my ISO up to 3200 (f2.8, ss 1/160th) to get enough light.  Of course that means tons of noise!  That’s where noiseware comes in.

Noiseware is a plugin by imagenomic that does some sort of hokus pocus and magically gets rid of noise better than any program I’ve ever used!

Here is a a 100% crop taken from the plugin showing the before and after side by side:

Pretty nifty huh? Obviously things still don’t look perfect at a 100% crop, but that is to be expected.

What I hadn’t realized before trying noiseware is that even when used on images without a whole lot of noise it gives this sort of polished look that I really like.  It’s definitely no portraiture when it comes to skin, but it DOES give a very subtle smoothing effect that is quite flattering.

Lest you damn me to hell for recommending yet ANOTHER way for you to spend money, the kind people at imagenomic have decided to offer becoming-mom readers a 15% discount on any of their products!  Use code MOMMYBLOG at checkout.

I was not paid, given a free review or otherwise compensated for writing this review – I just really love this product and thought you would too.. I know that noise particularly on entry level DSLRs is a constant source of annoyance, hopefully this will help!

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Mama Monkey says:

I’m so glad I came across this blog post! I started using the free Noiseware about a year ago and really don’t like the fact that it reduces file size so much :( Angie–I have elements 8 and it works, but you have to use it as a separate program.

Gwen says:

I just googled “noiseware reduce filesize” and your blog post came up. Funny, since I “know” you. But I wanted to say that I DO have the paid for standalone version, and it is DRASTICALLY reducing my filesize. I have 8MB files that are shrunk to 1.4MB after I run noiseware. So strange. Going back to the rest of my search results to find out more.

ariana says:

LOL Gwen.. My parents were doing a web search on black and white checkerboard floor and my becoming-home.com site was the first result!!

ariana says:

Angie, sorry I have no idea!

Kristen – yes, it’s hard to resist now that I have it. I usually will do it to most pictures unless I am not opening/editing it in PS (using only LR).

Kristen says:

So, do you use this on every picture now that you have it? Is it a quick thing you do that is now just a quick step of your workflow? I’m just dreading yet another step to do, although I’m sure I’ve got to have it!

Justina says:

Wow… that looks like something I need! Noise is major problem for me on the 30D… Thanks for sharing! :)

And I made those veggie muffins you shared about! They were seriously good… and I blogged about them at http://makingmum.blogspot.com over the weekend! Going to try making more next time…

Angie says:

Is this compatible with Elements 8? I downloaded the free trial and not sure it is and now I can not get it off my mac!

kari says:

i love all of your tips!!! thanks again :) going to check this one out today!
i hope you get some weather relief very soon!

ariana says:

Hi Jenna, the paid version does NOT reduce file size :)

Samm, oh NO!!!!

Samm Ivri says:

DST did nothing for us!! Mia was waking up at 6:30 before the time change. On Sunday morning she still woke up at 6:30, which was 5:30 according to the old time!! What the!?

Jenna says:

I love Noiseware! I have the free (community) edition. Do you happen to know if the paid version is less destructive to files? The free one really reduces my file size.

Also, thanks for posting the coupon codes! I bought Portraiture over the weekend. :)