Mommy SOS: Toddler Vitamins

Thank you to everyone who shared their eczema experiences yesterday- if nothing else, I know we are in good company!

Now I am asking for your help yet again in my search for a good toddler vitamin.

I used to use a natural product called “babyplex” which were liquid drops that I could easily sneak into Jasper’s yogurt. Unfortunately, though Jasper has expanded his menu to include many new foods, he has decided he doesn’t like yogurt anymore.  Since he doesn’t eat anything else mushy where a liquid vitamin could be incorporated, I need something chewable.. but chewable by the world’s slowest teething toddler!

Jasper only has four middle top front teeth, three middle bottom teeth and two molars (on opposite sides, so no real chewing as of yet).  So it cant be anything too hard or that is a choking hazard.  It seems like most vitamins are made either in liquid form for babies or hard chewables for the over two set.

I’d prefer it be something natural..speaking of which, I have to put a good word in for Vemma NEXT, sort of a juice like vitamin drink (tastes like orange juice!). They sent me a sample to review and I love the natural ingredients and spectrum of nutrients they pack in there .  The only problem for us is that, as I’ve mentioned before, Jasper has an aversion to drinking anything that isn’t water –  so anything juice like is out for us!

Any ideas?

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lelu says:

My kids all like the Juice Plus gummies. They are really good.

Ava says:

I give G liquid vitamin drops. I just hide them in his milk. I usually put them in the first bottle of the day, when he’s starving and will eat just about anything :) it seems to work for us! You said that Jasper doesn’t drink anything other than water. Any chance he’ll drink waterw/ vitamin drops?

Pamela says:

Abby is really picky and she loves Animal Parade multivitamins and Vitamin C. They are chewables, so Jasper may have to wait until he can chew them. I get them at the health food store.

krysta says:

Hey Ariana!

We LOVE the Nordic Naturals brand gummies for our son (16 months) the multivitamins are called “Nordic Berries” and the Omegas are called “Nordic Omega 3 Gummies” They are organic and pharmaceutical grade – and they taste great! They’re the size of a small gumdrop – and nice and squishy. We cut them in half and he doesn’t have any problem gumming them up. :)

I’d definitely recommend trying them – he’ll think he’s getting a “treat!”

Sara B. says:

I missed yesterday’s discussion. Marino has TERRIBLE eczema (atopic dermatitis). He was getting skin infections from scratching until he had open wounds and introducing bacteria into them. I thought it would never end! We saw a dermatologist and put him on 2 meds…first we tried Atopiclair, with mild success and then tried EpiCeram, which has worked great for us. Both are non-steroidal. We also use fragrance-free everything and lather him in Aquaphor at night and Cetaphil lotion during the day. We also give him 1.25ml of Evening Primrose Oil in his morning bottle (it is said to have anti-inflammatory qualities). Ever since we started the EpiCeram (just on his problem areas) and the EPO, we’ve had no more flare-ups (its been 6 months).

We give PolyViSol with iron (he was anemic as a baby) and a daily probiotic (Udo’s Choice Infant Probiotic).

Jennilynn says:

My best friend does Juice Plus w/ her daughter- they are gummies, but she just broke them up when she was younger and didn’t have the molars yet (like less than a year old) and they taste REALLY good. All natural, no processing, basically straight up fruits & veggies.

I take the adult ones and never get sick anymore- the only downfall is you cannot get them anywhere but through a supplier.

I have nothing t o contribue here but I’m looking forward to seeing the ideas in your comments!

Michelle says:

Well, at least all the juice he drinks can’t get to them under the gums! So let’s hope that is true. Jack won’t drink milk either. Unless it is in a bottle and we gave that up months ago. He does still love his Dora the Explorer yogurt, but I saw a new one I want to try for him. And cheese, loves cheese. I have often thought about trying him on the Odwalla juice.

ariana says:

LOL Michelle, if you only knew how many times I’ve wondered why no one makes nutritionally packed snacks for picky toddlers that love snacks.. something like the opposite of puffs (which are like 2 calories per 10 billion!)

As far as the slow teething, I’ve heard that the longer the teeth stay under the gums the stronger they are! I have no idea if this is true or not, but I like to think that it is :)

Michelle says:

Well, I think Jack has Jasper beat in the teething dept… He is a few weeks older and has 4 top teeth, 2 bottom teeth and starting to get a lower molar!! I am a little concerned, but probably just because I work in the Dental field. She assures me that it is okay. As for vitamins, I have a picky eater and I am sure that they may not be all natural, but my pedi said to try the gummies from Flintstones. I have and at first he didn’t like them at all (I tore them up into 3 or 4 pieces.) But now he really seems to like them. He is most likely swallowing them whole, but my picky eater needs the vitamins. If they would only make Goldfish vitamin crackers, we would be set!