Jasper Recommends: Fisher Price Cash Register

Fisher-Price Fun 2 Imagine Cash Register (also available for about half the price at TRU where we got ours!)

With Snowpocalypse II coming and this time NOT sparing the New York area I thought I’d recommend one of the toys that we’ve gotten the most mileage out of over the past few months!

We original got this cash register as a gift for Jasper’s friend Daphne for her second birthday. Daphne liked it, but not nearly as much as Jasper who can’t get enough of all the buttons to press and the wind up to open drawer!

It even has a separate button for sale (coins drop into the drawer) and change (coins come out the little ramp on the side).  The coins are color coded and are different sizes so the toddlers have to match the coin color with the correct slot so the coin fits – that’s the educational element.  My only complaint is that sometimes the large red coins in particular get stuck unless you press sale or change to clear out the coins first, but Jasper actually sort of likes it – he says “stuck!” and I’ve taught him to press one of the buttons to clear it.

It’s rare that a toy holds his attention for more than a minute or two these days, so I thought it was worth recommending if you are stocking up on a few things to entertain your toddler during the impending storm..

Speaking of which, poor Jasper is sick AGAIN. Nothing like spending two days trapped at home with a whiny crankenstein because his cough is keeping him from sleeping.  Poor baby.. and poor mommy :(

I hope he gets better soon so we can at least get some sledding in!

How do you all keep your tots entertained during extended periods at home? I need some new craft and activity suggestions so we both don’t lose our minds..

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anne marie says:

oh and heather. my son LOVES maisy the mouse. i mean OBSESSED with her! he even notices books with maisy on it. it’s CRAZY!

anne marie says:

i’m so GLAD you posted this. i used to have one of these as a kid and loved the death out of it. i had no idea they still had it around! no help on idea’s. the only toy ashton truly is in love with is his cozycoupe car that he will spend hours with everyday. feel better jasper get some sleep mommy!

Maddie says:

The cash register looks fabulous! Hope Jasper feels better soon. Am very jealous of the snow though!

ariana says:

Clearly I was the only one deprived of this toy as a kid – I didn’t even know it was a reissue! :)

Samm Ivri says:

Mia loves anything related to the kitchen. She can gladly mix, pour, wash, etc for long periods of time. I even have a shelf int he cupboard (the lowest one) dedicated to things she can play with. SHe sits ont he floor and rummages through it.

Heather says:

Sorry you’re both sick! My son loves his Maisy the Mouse DVD (it’s the Lucy Cousins character). He’s been sick too, so we’ve gotten a lot of mileage out if it. Hope you feel better soon!

kari says:

so funny that jasper recommends this today. we were just at a preschool yesterday watching the 2 year olds… and they had the register in the classroom, and it seemed to be very popular!

our “rainy day” save is definitely the tent city. http://www.amazon.com/Ryans-Room-Mambo-Combo-Play/dp/B000H5K058

it takes up pretty much the entire house when all put together… but its fun – even the dogs get into the tunnel action :)

sorry little man is under the weather! :( BOOO.
sending healthy vibes!
stay warm.

What a flashback! I have fond memories of that toy. I didn’t know FP still made them!

jbhat says:

Crankenstein: funny! We say Grumpasaurus.

I feel your pain. Good luck weathering the storm. Maybe you can show him pictures of things he’s into on the internet? Fire trucks, garbage trucks? I don’t know, but our kiddo was totally into Things That Go (still is), and liked to see pictures of them.

Heather says:

I LOVED that register when I was little! Made me so happy! Know what would be cool? If they made that piggy bank [http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=2341&e=detail&pcat=bulnl&pid=35222] with coins that would fit both. Wouldn’t that be cool?!