Jasper Sings Happy Birthday

Actually, I’m not sure this really qualifies as singing, but he says it a whole lot!

Seriously, he’s OBSESSED with happy birthday. It started when one of his daycare classmates had his first birthday last week and everyone sang happy birthday to him. It’s a little surprising how he remembered “Happy birthday” from just hearing the song once because he came home from daycare and said it clearly enough to me that I knew what he was trying to say. Then I put two and two together about his friend’s birthday being that day.

Ever since then he demands that we sing it in the car the whole way to and from work/daycare.  Well, actually he demads that I sing it, his contribution is shouting out the people we have to sing happy birthday TO, including bear, mum-mum, pop-pop, daddy, mommy etc.

Then, once we’re home he runs to the computer and insists that I play him the video I put together of his first birthday party which has a song that says “Happy Birthday” in it a whole bunch, but his favorite part, of course,  is at the end when everyone is singing Happy Birthday to him.

I may be a bit burnt out on Happy Birthday, but on the bright side I’m happy he’s s already starting to appreciate my meticulous video documentation of his life! :)

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Melanie says:

love it!!! Zoe also sings it all the time! i just posted a video of it on facebook 2 nights ago!!

Kimberly says:

SO so seriously cute!!!

My son loves Happy Birthday, too! Especially the “how old are you” verse. He just giggles and giggles when I sing it. If he’s tired and just fussy for no reason, that song almost always cheers him up!

ariana says:

Sarah, I’m convinced the majority of Jasper’s language development is due to sheer force of will in wanting to make his wishes understood… you know, so the rest of us could get on trying to satisfy his every whim!

Kari, an Elaine style push was exactly what I had when reading “Get OUT” even before I saw the stage direction! :)

kari says:

(imagine a BIG elaine style push that knocks you over)

that is really fantastic!

sarah says:

Oh my goodness, that is SO cute!! wow, Alex is SO quiet compared to Jasper, I am just so amazed at everything Jasper does. I try not to compare…but geez!!! hehe. I love him to pieces, I’m pretty sure that’s the cutest rendition of happy Birthday I have ever heard!!

Love it!